Netflix's Avatar: Toph's Live-Action Debut In Season 2 Gets Teased by Producer (Exclusive)

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One of the executive producers on Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender hinted at Toph's introduction in the upcoming Season 2.

Team Avatar is at the core of the series, but one of its key members has yet to appear on screen.

The character in question, a 12-year-old, blind, earthbending master, is first introduced in Book 2 of the original animated series. At this point, one can only assume the creatives in charge plan to stick to the source material, meaning her introduction should be right around the corner.

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Introducing Toph in Netflix Avatar's Season 2

Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2

Jabbar Raisani, executive producer of Avatar: The Last Airbender Seasons 2 and 3, spoke with The Direct on the red carpet at Paleyfest 2024, teasing Toph's introduction to the series.

When asked how the character’s introduction will change the dynamics of Team Avatar, Raisani said fans will see how "a lot of the dynamics that were true in the animated series come through in live action:"

"We really rely on the animated series. So I think you're gonna see a lot of the dynamics that were true in the animated series come through in live action. It won't be a one-to-one. You can never do a one-to-one, but, you know, expect that feeling all over again."

While Toph will (almost certainly) be introduced, Azula also originally made her debut in Season 2, though she got the privilege of an early introduction in Season 1.

Elizabeth Yu, the actress behind Azula, shared how excited she is to interact with the show’s wider cast and that she "can’t wait to see what the exchanges are like with Team Avatar:"

"I didn't get any scenes with any of the kids in the first season. I got scenes with Daniel [Dae Kim] and Momona [Tamada] and Thalia [Tran], which was so much fun, but I don't know. I can't wait to see what the exchanges are like with Team Avatar and the sibling rivalry. I'm excited to elaborate on that."

“I'm excited to do any scenes from the original series,” Yu shared since all her material in Season 1 was unique to Netflix’s show:

"I mean, I'm excited. In the original series as well, Azula is not on the first season. So, a lot of her introduction is in the second season. It's a really important moment for her. So I'm excited to do any scenes from the original series, like any of our iconic lines."

Arden Cho's June is one character who doesn't appear in the animated show's original Season 2.

The actress was also at Paleyfest. When asked if that might change for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation, Cho admitted she didn't know:

"Unfortunately, I can't speak of that. I don't know. The power will be in the hands of those who hold the pen."

Why Casting Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Important

Toph is a tough character to cast, and the talent required to pull it off is exceptional, especially for a younger actor. To add pressure to that, her dynamic with the rest of Team Avatar will be crucial to how well the show's final two seasons turn out.

There aren't many obvious picks, either. However, Peter Pan and Wendy’s Diana Tsoy often comes up in fan conversations.

With how the creative team decided to introduce Azula in Season 1 to get ahead of the curve, it's surprising they didn't try to do the same thing for Toph. Perhaps that’ll work out for Toph and give her more screen time.

While Season 2 may not be seen for a long time, casting news for Toph may not be too far out. Fans can probably expect that information to hit the internet not too long before production starts back up.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is now streaming on Netflix.

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