'It's Gonna Suck': Avatar Netflix Star Prepares Fans for Season 2's Zuko & Iroh Conflict (Exclusive)

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An actor from Netfix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender series teased one "heartbreaking" arc that seasons two and three have in store. 

For many, one of the best part of Netflix’s live-action remake of the beloved Nickelodeon series was the performances behind beloved characters Iroh and Zuko, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and Dallas Liu.

The dynamic between the two brings the duo from animation into live action, and their bond feels authentic. Sadly, as close as those two are, in Book Two of the animated original, there is a notable break between them, leaving them both on their own.

With Season 2 right around the corner, fans should start prepping to go through that very same heartbreak.

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The Inevitable Conflict Between Uncle Iroh and Zuko

Zuko and Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action show

While talking with The Direct at Paleyfest 2024, Avatar: The Last Airbender actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee shared how he is not looking forward to the big fracture between Uncle Iroh and Zuko.

"It’s gonna suck so hard," the actor noted regarding being separated from his usual scene partner Dallas Liu; though he made sure to point out how it will no doubt be "really good storytelling:"

"It's gonna suck so hard because I'll be alone. No, I mean, that's one of the lovely things about our story arcs is the fact that you see them together at first, you establish that, and then really good storytelling is putting people through conflict... And so having them separate is going to be heartbreaking, but at the same time, really, really great storytelling to see what they're like apart from each other. And so that's something I'm really, really looking forward to. And yeah, I'm gonna miss him."

Dallas Liu previously expressed a similar sentiment to The Direct in a separate interview, where he explained how close both he and Lee got during the filming:

"And I'm thankful for Paul because he was so supportive when I was feeling stress and worry, in the same way, that I think Uncle Iroh would care for Zuko during those times. And so what was going on in real life and behind the scenes sort of played out on camera really well."

Liu mentioned in that same past interview how he can only assume the split between the two characters will "feel real:"

"I can only assume that it'll feel real. All of my scenes in this series have been with Paul. So to not work with him in those scenes is hard because, for me, he feels like the backbone. That relationship is truly why I think the chemistry between the two of us is why those scenes feel so strong."

At Paleyfest, Liu told The Direct that for Season 2, he is actively hoping for "a strong Zuko" storyline:

"I'm hoping for like a strong Zuko alone. Like, I'm hoping I'm hoping for that. And I'm hoping for Lee from the tea shop, going on his little date. That was cute."

The actor also expressed how both he and Elizabeth Yu (Azula) "would kill it" in portraying the character’s intense sibling rivalry:

"Me and Lizzie were actually talking; we feel we would kill it. She did such a good job. I was so very impressed. Because I didn't, I wasn't on set the days that she was shooting. So, I didn't get to see our work until it came out. So I was really impressed."

Yu agreed, noting how "the sibling vibe" between the two of them "has definitely grown:"

"Yeah, I'm very excited. I feel like we've been spending so much time promoting the show, too, that the sibling vibe has definitely grown. So I'm super excited to see what that looks like on screen."

It Will Suck Missing Uncle Iroh and Zuko in Avatar Season 2

The split between Uncle Iroh and Zuko will undoubtedly be disappointing just as much for the audience as it will for the actors behind the scenes.

It is going to be hard to swallow the fact that fans will have to go almost an entire season (perhaps more) without them together.

Thankfully, there will be at least an episode or two with them still together when Season 2 starts.

While Uncle Iroh may play a smaller role in Zuko’s time on the show, at least there will (probably) be further exploration of his sibling rivalry with Azula. The first season didn't offer much in that regard, and the duo butt heads more than a few times in the animated show’s second and third seasons.

Season 3 will be particularly interesting, as, when it starts, Zuko is spending some time at home in the Fire Nation nice and comfy—a dynamic which hasn't been shown in live-action yet.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is now streaming on Netflix.

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