Avatar 3 Gets Disappointing Story Update Regarding Frontiers of Pandora from Director

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Fans looking for a connection between Avatar 3 and the upcoming video game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora might be disappointed, according to two of the game's directors. 

After conquering the domain of mega-motion pictures, Avatar will take a big swing into the world of AAA video games with the upcoming Ubisoft-developed Frontiers

Described in The Direct's preview of the open-world RPG as a "chill-inducing" celebration of the franchise, Frontiers of Pandora looks to offer fans the chance to live their Na'vi fantasies on-screen for the first time. 

It has been noted the events of the Avatar movies would directly affect the game's story, but it is unclear if players' actions in Frontiers will have any impact on the incoming big-screen Avatar sequel. 

Avatar 3 Lacks Video Game Connection

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora cover

According to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game director Ditte Deenfeldt and associate game director Drew Rechner, the upcoming video game will not directly impact Avatar 3

In speaking with Game Informer, the pair of Frontiers developers were asked, "Will our actions affect Avatar 3?” to which they offered a blunt, "No" as the events of the game take place "on the other side of the moon:"

GI: “Will our actions affect 'Avatar 3?'”

Deenfeldt: “No.”

Rechner: “We’re pretty far away.”

Deenfeldt: “Again, it’s the same with the Hell’s Gate question. Can’t go to Hell’s Gate. It’s very far away. Western Frontier is on the other side of the moon.”

That is not to say the digital adventure will not have any connection to the movies though. 

Things like Unobtanium will be present in the upcoming game, and gamers will even "hear about [franchise protagonist] Jake Sully:"

GI: “Does unobtainium play a role in this story?”

Deenfeldt: “The RDA plays a really big role in the story and they’re there for unobtainium amongst other things.”

GI: “Will we meet or hear about Jake Sully?”

Deenfeldt: “You will hear about Jake Sully.”

When prodded on whether players will be able to communicate with animals like the characters in Avatar: The Way of Water, Deenfeldt retorted, “Kind of:”

GI: “Can I talk to certain animals like those whales from 'Avatar 2?'”

Deenfeldt: “Kind of.”

The duo also confirmed as a part of the interview that players will not be able to fight other Na'vi as a part of the game, with the human-led RDA being the primary foe.

How Tied to the Movies Is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora?

While it seems that the events of Frontiers of Pandora may not have any direct impact on Avatar 3, that is not to say nothing that happens in the game will not be brought up in James Cameron's big-screen prequel. 

The developers at Ubisoft have been vocal that Frontiers has been a "collaboration" between them and the movie team:

"Oh, we had enormous freedom, but we wanted help from the best and the best are the people making these films.

It really is a collaboration, a co-creation. We work every day with the people from Lightstorm, and many of them are from New Zealand so the time zone shenanigans are enormous for us over in Sweden."

So, while that likely means the movie team helped the developers to make sure everything was in line with where the story was going on the silver screen, it may also hint at a deeper connection between the two projects. 

While the game takes place "on the other side of the moon" from where the events of the films take place, Avatar 3 is said to include more of Pandora than ever before, with whole new biomes and Na'vi tribes

With this wide-spanning story set for the sequel, it would not be all that surprising if Jake Sully and co. were to come into contact with some of the characters from Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 7.

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