Watch Avatar 2 Online: Disney Releases 9 Minutes of Footage for Free

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Avatar 2 online

An extended look at Avatar: The Way of Water released online by Disney in the midst of the sequel being available on all major digital platforms. 

Avatar 2 earned widespread acclaim from fans and critics while reigning supreme at the box office for several weeks. As a result, the anticipation for its digital release has been high. 

It remains to be seen when fans can expect to see Avatar 2 on Disney+, but a new clip has been released to maintain the hype. 

Disney Unveils Extended Avatar 2 Clip

Disney, via Vudu, released a nine-minute clip from Avatar: The Way of Water, showcasing an extended look at Jake Sully and his family trying to learn the ways of the Metkayina Clan. 

The clip starts with Tonowari teaching Jake to ride the skimwing, a Pandoran creature living in the tropical oceans. While Jake struggles at first, he was able to successfully mount one. 

Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake Sully

The video also shows Sigourney Weaver's Kiri being fascinated with Pandora's aquatic life. 

Sigourney Weaver as Kiri, Avatar: The Way of Water

The clip then showcased Spider and Quaritch's bond, with the latter successfully mounting a mountain banshee.

Quaritch, Spider, Avatar 2

The footage ends with Tsireya teaching Sully's kids to free dive while also showing Tuktirey (Jake and Neytiri's youngest daughter) how to feed and care for the ilu. 

Tsireya, Avatar 2

Watch the extended clip below: 

So When Will Avatar 2 Start Streaming? 

Although the movie's theatrical stint is over, Disney is still going all-out with promoting Avatar 2, which isn't surprising due to the sequel's rousing success. 

While the nine-minute clip shown by Disney is only a small part of the movie's lengthy runtime, it still managed to provide a glimpse of what Avatar 2 is all about. 

Given that the sequel has already been released digitally, there's a strong chance that a Disney+ premiere could happen within the year. Disney could maximize the profits earned by the sequel from the digital release first before allowing fans to access it for free on Disney+. 

At this point, a potential September release or even a December premiere on Disney+ for Avatar 2 is in the cards. 

For now, Avatar: The Way of Water is available for purchase on all major digital platforms.

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