Avatar 2's New Trailer Promises Another Tragic Story

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Avatar Way of the Water logo, Jake Sully

The anticipation for Avatar: The Way of the Water is sky-high after the release of a gorgeous new trailer with stunning visuals and a hint at tragedy to come.

While the first Avatar movie ended on a happy note, it still featured many deaths. Characters, such as Sigourney Weaver's Dr. Grace Augustus, Michelle Rodriguez's Trudy Chacon, and Laz Alonso's Tsu'Tey tragically met their demise, but it was for a greater cause. 

Although the exact plot details are still being kept under wraps, it seems that The Way of the Water will have a similar tragic element. The sequel's director James Cameron teased that fans won't be able to predict its story while the fact that it focuses on Jake and Neytiri's family suggests that a sacrifice could happen during its three-hour runtime

Now, the new trailer may have offered a glimpse of what to expect in the sequel's story. 

Avatar 2 Trailer Teases More Tragedy on Pandora

20th Century Studios officially released a brand new trailer for James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of the Water, showcasing a stunning look at the sequel's return to Pandora and a glimpse of the story of Jake Sully and Neytiri's family.

Sigourney Weaver returns as Kiri in Avatar 2, who is the teenage daughter of Jake and Neytiri in the sequel: 

Kiri, Avatar 2
20th Century Studios

Jake talks to his youngest daughter, Tuktirey, in the new trailer:

Jake, Tuktirey, Avatar 2
20th Century Studios

Pandora's underwater world looks incredible in the sequel:

Avatar: The Way of the Water
20th Century Studios

Jake and Neytiri observe a seemingly destroyed portion of Pandora in this new image. Will someone from their family die in the sequel?

Avatar: The Way of the Water
20th Century Studios

Stephen Lang's Colonel Quaritch appears to exact his revenge against the Na'vi in the sequel: 

Avatar The Way of Water
20th Century Studios

Jake tells Neytiri that he needs her with him and she needs to be strong in the coming conflict: 

Jake and Neytiri in Avatar 2
20th Century Studios

Alongside the trailer, an official poster was also unveiled:

Avatar 2 Poster
20th Century Studios

The trailer can be seen below:

Who Will Die in Avatar 2?

The latest Avatar 2 trailer indicated that many Na'vi will die potentially due to the return of Colonel Quaritch and some of Earth's forces who are trying to seek revenge against Jake Sully and the different tribes of Pandora. 

The risk is far greater now, considering that Jake and Neytiri will have a family in the sequel. It's possible that Quaritch and the others will learn about Jake's new family, thus leading to them kidnapping some or even all of their children. 

This would potentially kickstart the conflict in Avatar: The Way of Water, with Jake and Neytiri being involved in a rescue mission to save their kids. 

In the trailer, Zoe Saldana's Neytiri can be seen crying in front of Jake, with him telling her to be strong amid the conflict. This tragic look appears to hint that someone from his family will die, which makes it even grimmer due to the fact that it's one of their children. 

Another possible character that could die in the sequel is Neytiri's mother, Mo'at. The fact that Neytiri is showcasing strong emotion seems to tease that someone close to her will fall, and the death of her mother could certainly break her. 

Whatever the case, The Way of Water seems poised to present another emotional story packed with gorgeous visuals. 

Avatar: The Way of the Water hits theaters on Friday, December 16.

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