Marvel's Anthony Mackie Reveals His Star Wars Ambitions

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Anthony Mackie Star Wars Universe

Marvel Studios star Anthony Mackie revealed in a recent interview his ambitions to join the Star Wars universe. 

Mackie, who has made his name as Sam Wilson in the MCU, is not the first star to share their love of the galaxy far, far away. 

Hollywood heavy hitters like Daniel Craig and composer Michael Giachino have sung the franchise's prases with this particular pair actually getting the chance to appear in the Star Wars universe

But Mackie has not been so lucky, having not yet been a part of a Lucasfilm project, despite his lack of trying. 

Anthony Mackie's Mandalorian Dreams

Anthony Mackie, Boba Fett Helmet
Star Wars

Speaking on Josh Howorwitz's Happy Sad Confused show, Captain America actor Anthony Mackie revealed his dream of joining The Mandalorian and the Star Wars franchise as a whole. 

After Horowitz brought up the idea of Mackie being a fan of George Lucas' iconic sci-fi universe, Mackie said that when The Mandalorian was first announced he remembers calling his agent and telling them, "Yo, now, I ain’t gonna make this no conversation. I ain’t gonna get on no, I’m star-type sh*t," expressing his desire to join the project:

“Yo, when I heard they were doing– this is the one and only time I call my agent, and my manager, and said, ‘It’s gonna be a problem,’ was when I heard they were doing 'The Mandalorian.' I was like, 'Yo, now, I ain’t gonna make this no conversation. I ain’t gonna get on no, I’m star-type sh*t,'I ain’t gonna yell at y’all, but we we need to– Come on. Come on. I am the best. I have the helmet. I can literally show up in my costume from my house, ready to shoot.’”

The MCU star described why he has loved Mandalorians specifically so much, pointing to the idea "You just never knew why, or what, or how." He referenced Boba Fett in the original trilogy and how "There was something so unique about the way he moved through that universe that no one else could emulate:"

“You just never knew why, or what, or how. There was something so unique about the way he moved through that universe that no one else could emulate. Like I always wanted to be Lando. Growing up my nickname was Lando. That’s what I made people call me. But the Mandalorian, the reason he…”

Horowitz picked on Mackie mentioning his nickname of Lando amongst his childhood friends, joking with the actor that he "[makes] other people call [him] that:"

Horowitz: “Wait a second, when you make other people call you that, is that really a nickname? You’re like, ’This is my nickname, you have to call me…”

Mackie: “(laughs) 100%. 100%. When I go out– you know how when girls go out, they have a fake name they give out at the club. My fake name to this day is Lando.”

Horowitz: “Checking into hotels under Lando Calrissian. That’s amazing.”

Mackie: “No, no, no. You know, Lando Mackie.”

When prodded on if this passion even got the actor a meeting for the Star Wars streaming series, Mackie offered a simple "nah:"

Horowitz: “(laughs) Ok sorry, I derailed that. So that was the dream. Did you get a meeting? Did you get any conversation? Have you ever met with the Lucas[film] folks, Star Wars folks?”

Mackie: “Nah.”

Horowitz: “What?”

Mackie: “Nah, I was working while they were set to shoot, so I wasn’t available.”

Mackie said that despite not being available at the time, he is now trying "to get one of those roles in the background," lamenting that "all [he wants] is one scene:"

Horowtiz: “Is that real? Do you like– you could have had a conversation? You were just working?”

Mackie: “That’s real. I wasn’t available. Now, I’m trying to get one of those roles in the background, where they’re doing the thing, and I take off my helmet, and go, ‘That was a long flight.’ That’s it. That’s all I want is one scene. I just want everybody to know that I was one of them.”

Will Mackie’s Star Wars Dream Come True?

It is always cool to see that these actors fans look up to are fans of these franchises as well, and hopefully one day Anthony Mackie gets to realize his dream. 

While the actor is going to be very busy for the next few years having been crowned the new Captain America at Marvel Studios, there is still plenty of opportunity for him to make a cameo in some Mandalorian armor at some point down the line. 

It is not as if, the actor went in and botched an audition for the franchise like one of his MCU co-stars. He was simply too busy when they were shooting The Mandalorian to go out for a starring role.

Mackie is already in the Disney building, having become beloved amongst his MCU brethren, why not allow him to saunter down the metaphorical franchise hall to the galaxy far, far away? 

And with the number of new Star wars streaming series on the way, along with the potential for new theatrically released films within the universe, if they need someone for a background role, Mackie will surely be one of the first actors lined up. 

Anthony Mackie can next be seen in the MCU in Captain America: New World Order when it hits theaters on May 3, 2024. 

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