Disney+'s Ahsoka Show Writing Credits Announced - And They're Perfect

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Lucasfilm announced the writing credits for Ahsoka and it's as perfect as one might expect.

The highly anticipated project is set to follow Rosario Dawson‘s titular former Jedi, as she hunts for the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn.

She’ll also be teaming up with Natasha Liu Bordizzo's Sabine, Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Hera, Eman Esfani's Ezra Bridger, and more.

In a lot of ways, the series is a direct sequel to the animated show Star Wars: Rebels, something that’s really helped fan the flames of anticipation for the fan base.

Writing Credits for Ahsoka Revealed

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The writing credits for Ahsoka's eight episodes were just confirmed thanks to the Writer's Guild of America website.

As listed on the series' section on their portal, showrunner Dave Filoni is the only credited writer for all eight episodes.

Filoni being attached as the writer for all eight installments is a fairly unique situation. Usually, multiple writers will take on different episodes on shows like this.

Even Jon Favreau didn’t write all the episodes of The Mandalorian. One of those instances was the episode ‘The Jedi’, where Ahsoka was first introduced in live action. It was written by exactly who one might expect: Dave Filoni.

In a recent interview with Screenrant, Filoni talked out the process of creating Ahsoka, where he recounted how he's been with the character since the beginning, and how he "can't believe sometimes that George [Lucas] stuck it out with [him]:"

"It's a very unique thing, her journey, because you know when I started out the character was 14 years old, roughly. You know, I try not to actually nail down exact years and things to keep things a bit open. But it's a special experience to watch this character grow, and it kind of in a lot of ways mirrors my own growth as a filmmaker and my ability to tell stories. When I started, I had so much to learn. I still look back and can't believe sometimes that George [Lucas] stuck it out with me. He must have thought this guy, he really has got a long way to go."

When it came to the live-action approach, Filoni had to "learn again the different subtleties and nuances of writing a script" in that format:

"But you know, [Lucas] put in a lot of time and did a lot of Jedi training, and you know each episode felt like a paper that was reviewing how much we were all learning in the animation division. I carried that over when I finally went to live action, but I had to learn again the different subtleties and nuances of writing a script for that versus what I do in animation."

Ahsoka's Father Figure

It makes perfect sense how Filoni would be the sole writer for the series, even if the practice isn’t too common. The filmmaker has been with Ahsoka since the start of her existence, and with his increasing position at Lucasfilm, there’s no reason why that would need to change.

Filoni has basically been heavily involved with every project telling a story with Ahsoka to date. The only notable exception to that would be E K Johnson’s Ahsoka book, which Filoni did not write. However, he was involved with the process and consulted with the author.

Though, most recently, Dave Filoni did write an episode of Tales of the Jedi that all but retold Johnson’s book in a new, shorter, animated installment. It’s almost like the writer wanted to tell those moments of the character’s life in his own way.

Thankfully, Filoni is an extremely talented creative, so having him write all eight episodes is a great sign. Hopefully, his work will be able to live up to or exceed the heavy expectations that Ahsoka is already creating.

Ahsoka is set to debut this coming August on Disney+.

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