10 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets from The Clone Wars Era, Ranked

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LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The three-year, galaxy-spanning Star Wars conflict known as the Clone Wars has produced a ton of tie-in material over the years, including quite a few LEGO Star Wars sets.

It’s hard to believe that the idea of Star Wars’ Clone Wars era originated as a throwaway line in the first film from 1977. Since the 2000s, Lucasfilm has truly capitalized on the war, delivering cartoons, comics, novels, and of course, hordes of merchandise.

LEGO has not been a stranger to producing its signature construction models styled after a Galaxy Far Far Away, having been associated with the franchise starting in 1999. Hundreds of Star Wars products have been made by LEGO from that point on.

The Top 10 Greatest LEGO Clone Wars Models

A considerable number of LEGO Star Wars sets have been made that were based on the Clone Wars. This should come as no surprise, as that particular section of the timeline is jam-packed with tons upon tons of marketable designs for vehicles, weapons, characters, and more. This is The Direct’s ranking of the 10 best LEGO Clone Wars sets to ever hit store shelves.

10.) 75280: 501st Legion Clone Troopers

LEGO 501st Clone Trooper set

The elite squad of clones commanded by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. Their bravery was unmatched on countless battlefields and the squad worked well under Anakin’s… interesting leadership style.

This set features three clones, two battle droids, a BARC speeder, and an AT-RT walker, all for the price of $29.99 USD. It saw release in 2020 and the total piece count was 285.

9.) 8098: Clone Turbo Tank

LEGO Clone Turbo Tank model

Ah, the HAVw A6 Juggernaut, otherwise known as the Turbo Tank, lived up to its name as a rolling engine of destruction. If the clankers saw this thing headed their way, they were in a spot of trouble.

Not the only Turbo Tank to have been brought out by LEGO, this one included 1141 pieces for $119.99 USD. It was introduced in 2016.

8.) 75283: Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

LEGO AAT model

The AAT or Armored Assault Tank was a vehicle used by the Separatist military and, as such, was usually manned by Battle Droids. There are two Battle Droid Minifigs in the box.

The AAT debuted in 2020 and carried a price tag of $119.99 USD. The total number of pieces is 1141.

7.) 75354: Coruscant Guard Gunship

LEGO Coruscant Guard gunship

As the name would suggest, the Coruscant Guard was responsible for safeguarding the Republic capital planet of Coruscant. Eventually, troopers in this unit began to serve as bodyguards for Chancellor Palpatine.

One of their primary forms of transportation, the Republic gunship is rendered by LEGO in this $139.99 USD, 1083-piece set that arrived in 2023. The model includes a striking red and white color scheme as well as five Minifigures.

6.) 75316: Mandalorian Starfighter

LEGO Mandalorian Starfighter set

A starship class that found use among the warriors of Mandalore, this type of vessel can also be seen in the popular Mandalorian series on Disney+, usually with Bo-Katan Kryze behind the controls.

When this set was introduced in 2021, it cost $59.99 USD for 544 pieces. Three Minifigs are included, including Bo-Katan herself and one of Darth Maul’s loyalist super commandos.

5.) 7964: Republic Frigate

LEGO Republic Frigate model

A key part of the Republic fleet, the frigate is a Consular-Class Starcruiser that’s outfitted with a highly durable hull and powerful cannons. Because of their armored construction, they were often used as escort ships.

This $119.99 USD model comes with 1015 pieces. It arrived at retail in 2011 and among the Minifigs included were Yoda and the fan-favorite Quinlan Vos.

4.) 7676: Republic Attack Gunship

LEGO Republic Gunship model

One of the most ubiquitous Prequel Trilogy era vessels, the Republic Gunship was able to quickly ferry clones and Jedi to and from the battle. They were all over the place in the Clone Wars animated series but they originally saw action in 2002’s Attack Of the Clones.

The LEGO version was one of the first sets to be released under Clone Wars branding in 2008. It retailed for $119.99 for 1034 pieces.

3.) 10195: Republic Dropship with AT-OT

LEGO Republic Dropship with AT-OT set

This particular dropship can arrive on the scene and deploy the AT-OT (All-Terrain Open Transport) into the fray like a suburban mom dropping her kids off at soccer practice.

LEGO offered this set back in 2009. It cost $249.99 for a total of 1758 pieces. A host of Minifigure Clone Troopers were also packed in.

2.) 9515: The Malevolence

LEGO Malevolence model

The Malevolence was a Separatist cruiser that was armed with a powerful ion cannon that could decimate just about anything in its path. The ship was featured in a fun, early arc from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This 2012 set was priced at $119.99 for 1101 pieces. Also included are Minifugres of Anakin, Dooku, Grievous, and Padmé.

1.) 75367: Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser

LEGO Venator model

When the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser arrived on the scene, the battle may as well just be over. These capital ships were also the precursor to the Galactic Empire’s fearsome Imperial Star Destroyers.

This behemoth of a LEGO set retails for $649.99 and is built from 5374 pieces. It was first produced in 2023 and is still available for purchase from many retailers.

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