Is a New Wrong Turn Movie Releasing In 2024? Speculation Explained

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A pair of mysterious new trailers have fans thinking a new Wrong Turn movie will be released in 2024. 

The early 2000s horror franchise saw seven entries across 18 years, with the last being a straight-up reboot in 2021.

These slashers are known for their gruesome kills, following a family of cannibals who hunt and murder people in the remote West Virginian wilderness. 

The 2024 Wrong Turn Trailer Explained

Wrong Turn villain wearing a cloak with a deer skull and antlers
 Saban Films

Fans of the Wrong Turn horror franchise have their hopes up for a new 2024 movie after several convincing trailers were released online. 

The pair of trailers popped up on YouTube and seem to be promoting new entries into the slasher series coming in 2024 and 2025. 

Both tease a chilling tale of travelers stuck in the wrong part of the West Virginian wilderness. Here, they come face-to-face with the franchise's iconic family of deformed cannibals, and bloody chaos ensues. 

While convincing, these trailers are fake, and there has been no official word on a 2024 Wrong Turn movie. 

The viral pieces of supposed movie marketing use recycled footage from other projects and some AI implementations.

One of the trailers even announces itself as such in its title (WRONG TURN 9 — Official AI Trailer (2024)), looking more like a demo for AI generative video technology than a professionally made movie trailer. 

Is a New Wrong Turn Movie Being Made?

Wrong Turn character with striped shirt looking off camera
Saban Films

No new plans for a Wrong Turn movie have been made public, but that is not to say the franchise will never be heard from again. 

Writer Alan B. McElroy, who penned the script for the 2003 original Wrong Turn and its 2021 reboot, made it clear he hopes to continue the series somehow. 

McElroy told Entertainment Weekly in 2023 that he aims to complete the trilogy his 2021 reboot set up, saying, "I had planned two more films:"

"I had planned two more films, so there would be a trilogy, based around this idea of the Foundation and these characters. I'd love to finish it and see it all come out the way I wanted."

The Wrong Turn writer is not the only creative passionate wanting to get another film off the ground.

In a conversation with, director of the Wrong Turn reboot Mike P. Nelson commented on the idea of future movies, remarking that they "are doing what [they] can" and their "fingers [are] crossed:"

"We are doing what we can, and I'll leave it at that. We would love to be able to continue this and again, with each movie going forward, keep that subversion happening because I feel like that's what this next round is. I would love to keep going on that journey with Alan and Constantin. So we'll see. Fingers crossed. Let's just put it this way, we have ideas and they're a lot of fun."

Of course, it has been some time since those comments were made, but fans should not let all hope slip away. No franchise is ever dead in modern Hollywood, especially regarding the horror genre. 

The Wrong Turn franchise can be purchased digitally where movies are sold. 

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