Is The Purge: Camp Crystal Lake With Emma Stone & Jake Gyllenhaal Real or Fake? 2024 Movie Speculation Explained

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The Purge and Jason Friday the 13th Mask

Are fan-favorites Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Stone starring in a new horror movie called The Purge: Camp Crystal Lake?

Since 1980, slasher fans have been enraptured by Jason Voorhees the masked and murderous star of the Friday the 13th franchise. These films have quite an enduring legacy and new installments were released semi-consistently for almost 30 years.

The Purge series, on the other hand, is a much more contemporary fright fest, with the first movie hitting theaters in 2013. The core plot element of each Purge film is more or less identical: For 12 hours a year, any crime committed by the characters is considered completely legal, up to and including murder.

Will The Purge Come to Camp Crystal Lake?

A fake poster for a nonexistent movie called The Purge: Camp Crystal Lake
YODA ABY BBY on Facebook

Recently, a poster for a new movie received some virality on Facebook This particular poster advertises a movie entitled The Purge: Camp Crystal Lake, a supposed crossover between Friday the 13th and The Purge.

What is more, is that the picture would star two big names in the form of Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhaal. The synopsis being shared reads as follows:


Get ready for a night of relentless terror in 'The Purge: Camp Crystal Lake,' coming to cinemas in October 2024. Starring Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhaal, this thrilling horror crossover pits a couple against masked Purge participants whose deadly plans are upturned when Jason Voorhees arrives. As Emily and Mike navigate the deadly woods, they must rely on each other to escape the blood-soaked grounds of Camp Crystal Lake before dawn."

Surely Jason Voorhees and his penchant for gruesome fatalities would be right at home during a Purge Night, right? Unfortunately for devotees of either film series, however, the poster put out by the Facebook page is completely fake.

At present, there is no crossover between The Purge and Friday the 13th in the works, much less one featuring Stone and Gyllenhaal. This would be especially tricky to pull off considering the franchises have different owners and are not under the same studio roof.

But audiences still have plenty of reasons not to fear (or perhaps, just the opposite) because there are plenty of chills and chills in the pipeline.

The Purge 6 is in development, with a recent update (via Screenrant) from star Frank Grillo making it known that the script has been completed. This will be the first entry in a few years since 2021’s The Forever Purge. Sequel #6 is currently without an officially announced release date (read more about the sixth Purge movie here).

The story of Camp Crystal Lake was to be told as well, in a new series for Peacock created by Bryan Fuller and produced by A24. However, as of May, Fuller has exited the project.

Another Friday the 13th flick is also reportedly being dreamt up. In fact, according to an update from IGN in 2024, there are intentions of creating an entire “Jason Universe” which would serve as a multimedia empire for the storied slasher saga and would also encompass the Camp Crystal Lake series.

Robert Barsamian, president of Friday the 13th franchise owner Horror Inc., gave the following statement on this upcoming Jason Universe:

"For decades, Jason shocked and thrilled audiences who kept coming back for more. We’re excited to work with Victor Miller and Marc Toberoff on new projects we’ll announce in the coming months."

All The Purge and Friday the 13th films are available for purchase wherever movies are sold.

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