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The terrifying acts of World War II are pushed to the forefront in a story led by a strong Belgian cast in Netflix's Will. 

Will tells the story of the titular character's struggles with grappling with the Nazi's violence and how the Jewish community endured hardships during the war. The film is directed by Tim Mileants and based on the novel of the same name by Jeroen Olyslaegers.

Will premiered on Netflix on January 31.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Will

Stef Aerts - Wil

Stef Aerts as Wil in Will
Stef Aerts

Stef Aerts brings Wilfried Wils to life in Netflix's Will

Wils is a police officer of the Antwerp police force who is assigned to be one of the mediators between the Belgians and the occupying Nazis. 

Things take a turn when Wils escorted a Feldgendarmerie (aka the Nazi military police) to a home filled with Jewish occupants. The Feldgendarmerie's violent nature toward the Jewish family prompts Wil to kill him, saving them in the process. 

Wil's actions lead to a rollercoaster of events that begs the question of whether or not he is going to be a passive bystander of a man of action willing to save lives during the war.

Aerts is known for his roles in Callboys, Adem, Belgica, and Thieves of the Wood.

Matteo Simoni - Lode

Matteo Simoni as Lode in Will
Matteo Simoni

Lode (played by Matteo Simoni) is Wil's friend and fellow police officer who is also assigned to escort the violent Feldgendarmerie. 

It is later revealed that Lode is secretly a member of a Belgian resistance group aimed to bring down the Nazis during World War II. 

Simoni previously appeared in Callboys, Safety First, and Amateurs.

Annelore Crollet - Yvette

Annelore Crollet as Yvette in Will
Annelore Crollet

Matteo Simoni plays Yvette, Lode's sister who is also a member of the resistance group. She has deep hatred toward the Nazis. 

Yvette also has secret romantic feelings toward Will, but she does not want them to get in the way of their goal of overthrowing the Nazis. 

Crollet's notable credits include Blind Spot, 13 Geboden, and Alter Ego.

Kevin Janssens - De Vinger

Kevin Janssens as De Vinger in Will
Kevin Janssens

Kevin Janssens plays De Vinger,  Gregor Schnabel's right-hand man who suspects that Wil and Lorde have something to do with their comrade's disappearance. 

Janssens appeared in Revenge, Vermist, and Patrick.

Dirk Roofthooft - Felix Verschaffel

Dirk Roofthooft as Felix Verschaffel in Will
Dirk Roofthooft

Dirk Roofthooft is part of Will's cast as Felix Verschaffel. 

Roofthooft has over 65 credits to his name, with roles in Ferry: The Series, Skunk, and Thieves of the Wood.

Dimitrij Schaad - Gregor Schnabel

Dimitrij Schaad as Gregor Schnabel in Will
Dimitrij Schaad

Dimitrij Schaad's Gregor Schnabel is a Nazi commandant whose suspicions grow after the Feldgendarmerie that Wil and Lorde escorted didn't report back. 

Schaad has credits in Killing Eve, The Kangaroo Conspiracy, and Kleo.

Pierre Bokma - Chaim Lizke

Pierre Bokma as Chaim Lizke in Will
Pierre Bokma

The head of the Jewish family whom Wil and Lorde save from the Nazi officer is Chaim Lizke (played by Pierre Bokma). 

Bokma previously appeared in Line of Fire, The Chapel, and Captain Nova.

Karina Smulders - Myriam

Karina Smulders as Myriam in Will
Karina Smulders

Myriam is Chaim Lizke's wife who panics over the arrival of the Nazi officer at their house. The character is played by Karina Smulders. 

Smulders' notable credits include Women of the Night, Bride Flight, and The Neighbors.

Linn Vandeborne - Kayla

Linn Vandeborne as Kayla in Will
Linn Vandeborne

Linn Vandeborne joins the cast of Will as Kayla, Chaim and Myriam's daughter whom they are trying to protect from the Nazi officer. 

Vandeborne's most recognizable role is playing Renee in 25 episodes of Dertigers. The actress also appeared in Sphinx and Exen.

Jan Decleir - Professor

Jan Decleir as Professor in Will
Jan Decleir

Jan Decleir stars as the Professor, the leader of the Belgian resistance group who recruits Wil to their cause of overthrowing the Nazis. 

Decleir is known for his roles in Character, The Memory of a Killer, and Daens.

Jan Bijvoet - Police Commissioner Jean

Jan Bijvoet as Police Commissioner Jean in Will
Jan Bijvoet

Jan Bijvoet appears as Police Commissioner Jean in Will

The commissioner serves as the leader of the Antwerp police force and oversees Wil and Lorde's assignment of serving as a mediator between the Nazis and the Jewish people. 

Bijvoet's most famous role is appearing as Grand Duke Leon Petrovna in Peaky Blinders. The actor also has credits in Embrace of the Serpent, In Darkness, and Krazy House

Pit Bukowski  - Feldgendarm Hermann

Pit Bukowski as Feldgendarm Hermann in Will
Pit Bukowski

Feldgendarm Hermann is the Nazi officer who tortures the Jewish family at the beginning of the movie and he is the one whom Wil killed that set the film's events in motion. The character is played on-screen by Pit Bukowski. 

Bukowski is known for his roles in The Bunker, Der Samurai, and The Command.

Will is now streaming on Netflix.

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