Wheel of Time Season 2's Action Improvements Explained by Stuntman (Exclusive)

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Wheel of Time, Rosamund Pike as Moiraine

Wheel of Time stunt coordinator Jan Petrina revealed exciting details about Season 2's action sequences. 

The series is based on Robert Jordan's fantasy novels that tackle the journey of different characters, such as the Aes Sedai, the Darkfriends, and the Dragon Reborn. 

Season 2's official trailer showcased some of the thrilling sequences that fans can expect, such as the arrival of a new threat called the Seanchan and the Ta'veren in action. 

Wheel of Time's highly-anticipated return to Prime Video will bring life to new characters and conflicts where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. 

Wheel of Time Stunt Coordinator Teases More Action in Season 2

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred, The Wheel of Time
Prime Video

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Wheel of Time stunt coordinator Jan Petrina talked about what's in store in terms of the action sequences in Season 2. 

In Season 1, the Ta'veren, aka the main protagonists (Egwayne, Nyneave, Rand, Perrin, and Mat), were simply recruited by Moiraine out of the Two Rivers for a journey of self-discovery and the eventual search for the Dragon Reborn. 

Wheel of Time Season 1 finale ended with different paths for the show's main heroes, and it seems that the action will dial up even further in Season 2. 

Petrina, who served as a stunt double for actors like Chris Evans in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World, said that the action in Wheel of Time Season 2 is "a lot bigger" than in Season 1, considering that the main heroes of the show are "becoming fighters and leaders:"

"I think it was a lot bigger [in Season 2]. We’ve got the main characters more involved, they are actually fighting. In Season 1, we met them from The Two Rivers and you can see that journey and the characters [were] changed by what happened and they weren’t fighters yet. But now, at the moment, in Season 2, they’re becoming fighters and leaders, and they’re becoming heroes, actually, so it’s quite nice to see the change.”

Warriors, The Wheel of Time
Prime Video

The veteran stunt coordinator also teased that the action will keep "escalating" throughout Season 2, saying that fans can expect to "see a lot more:"

“It keeps escalating through the season. So there is more [action] coming. And I was on everything. So I don’t want to say… but you’re going to see a lot more, you’re going to see some [more] fighting and you’re going to see more battles and stuff. And all of the characters [will be] part of it. So [it’s] exciting, I would say.”

Wheel of Time Season 1 gave a preview of Perrin's bond with the wolves, and this dynamic is expected to continue in Season 2. 

When asked how difficult it is to orchestrate scenes that have wolves and stunt performers side by side, Petrina explained that the key is to spend time and create some "bond" with the animals: 

“Again, we have Perrin doing all of these action [scenes] with the wolves, with the animals, so you have to start going early to get to know the animals and spend time and create some bond between them. So that when we lay out the set, the animal trusts him and then he can trust the animals so he can act and play his part. It’s a long process because you can’t speed these things up so you just need to do the hours and then create art.”

Wheel of Time featured many instances where some characters are channeling their powers through the One Power while others fight with weapons like swords and axes. 

Pertina admitted that it is "challenging" to strike a balance between the two forms of fighting: 

"It's challenging, because you want to find a good balance between the weapons and the One Power because sometimes you think, ‘Why do we need Warders for the Aes Sedai if she has so much power?’ so we're always trying to find, within the action, the reason that she has them, that they're really useful [and] they help her to solve [problems]."

The stunt coordinator continued by explaining how the process works on weaving the two approaches in battle together: 

"It's always like working as one team rather than [the Warders] being just the bodyguards so she [also] protects them. It's sometimes challenging making [it work] because you get a lot of real action, but then you've got the One Power which sometimes needs wire work and has people flying and having explosions and special effects. You need to work and design things and keep it safe because it's a lot of character-driven action."

Why Wheel of Time Season 2 Needs More Action

One of Wheel of Time Season 1's main highlights was its thrilling action sequences, and it's quite fitting to know that Season 2 will have more of those exhilarating displays. 

The fact that the main protagonists are carrying over their newfound experiences from Season 1 into Season 2 suggests that the lessons from their past will only boost their expertise in their respective crafts whether it be channeling the One Power or wielding newfound weapons. 

In Season 2, the primary band of heroes are separated from one another. This development allows each of them to strengthen their current skills while learning new ones, giving them an opportunity to stand out. 

Once the core cast reunites in the latter episodes, the shared experiences of each of them could lead to exciting sequences that could elevate Wheel of Time Season 2 from its predecessor. 

Wheel of Time Season 2 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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