Is Transformers 8: Rise of the Titans Releasing Soon? New Movie Speculation Explained

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Speculation regarding a new Transformers sequel led by Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox recently caused fans to wonder if a new movie will be released soon.

Transformers 8 Trailer Takes Over the Internet

A new trailer has gone rather viral online, teasing that a new Transformers sequel titled Transformers 8: Rise of the Titans will be released in the summer of 2025.

This trailer uses footage from other films (both from the Transformers franchise and other movies), meaning that it is entirely fake.

LaBeouf and Fox are not slated to return to the Transformers franchise anytime in the future, and there has been no announcement from Paramount or any executives that a sequel with the Rise of the Titans title will be coming out as the next installment.

However, fans can still expect to see other Transformers movies soon, both in the live-action and animated realms.

First up on the slate is the animated Transformers: One film, which will star Chris Hemsworth as Optimus Prime and will tell the origin story of Prime and Megatron.

An official trailer has already been released for that film, which will hit theaters on September 20.

The fake trailer for Transformers 8: Rise of the Titans marketed it as a sequel to the other live-action Transformers movies that have come before it.

As mentioned, although the trailer is for a movie that does not exist, the main Transformers franchise will be continued in an upcoming crossover film between the Cybertronians and G.I. Joe.

The upcoming movie was officially confirmed to be in the works by Paramount at CinemaCon 2024. There is no specific release window for the project yet, but Transformers: Rise of the Beasts producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura did reveal that fans could expect to see it sometime in 2025 or 2026.

As shared by Variety, it was also announced that Chris Hemsworth will star in the upcoming crossover movie, but it has not yet been revealed what his role will be.

Since Hemsworth is voicing a young Optimus Prime in Transformers: One, it is possible that he could reprise his role, but it is also possible that he could be physically on-screen as a member of the G.I. Joes.

Transformers: One will be released on September 20, and the Transformers crossover movie with G.I. Joe is set to hit theaters sometime in 2025 or 2026.

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