Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3 Director Worked Together With WandaVision Director For MCU Plotlines

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Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch

Marvel Studio's first project of Phase 4, WandaVision , is set to premiere its first two episodes this Friday on Disney+ . Not only will this be our first look at the MCU since July 2019, it ushers in a new era of Marvel on the small screen.

After the Disney Investor Day 2020 announcements, fans are already looking to what other MCU shows and films are on the horizon. With the knowledge that Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlett Witch is confirmed to be in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness , speculation is ramping up on how these films and TV shows will connect. The third Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland also is confirmed to connect with Multiverse of Madness , so will all three projects intertwine? Absolutely.


WandaVision director Matt Shakman sat down with and revealed that he collaborated with Jon Watts and Sam Raimi, directors of Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness , respectively. This collaboration confirms the significant story through line between these three upcoming MCU projects.

Here's Shakman's full quote:

"There is conversation among filmmakers, which I think is great. I mean, we are all part of this interconnected universe. I admire the heck out of everybody who has worked in Marvel before and are working on Marvel things right now. It's not just the movies. It's also the other Disney+ shows that we're interacting with. Even if it's not about a formal overlap, we're working next door to each other.

Shakman continues calling the MCU's overarching story "a relay race" among filmmakers.

'What do you guys do?' And all that's so exciting. It's an amazing place to be. But yeah, definitely we've all had conversations about the work that we're doing now. Cause you know, it's a relay race, this whole thing. And so you're passing the baton from one group of filmmakers to another and you want to make sure that that handoff is effortless and perfect, right."

He also teased the "incredibly surprising" yet "totally inevitable" ending of WandaVision.

"I think it's important for every successful movie or TV show to feel when you get to the end that it, the ending is incredibly surprising but also totally inevitable. If you don't do that, I don't think you've told your story well," he goes on. "And I think that's exactly what we're trying to do. That when you get to the end you are like, 'Wow.' But then you go, 'Ah.'"


It has been a long time since we've last seen the MCU on the big screen, so maybe fans have forgotten, but Marvel Studios is one of the most well-thought-out creative groups in Hollywood. Their mission is to not just tell one story, but drive fellow projects forward as well.

The most thought-provoking piece of this news is the direct correlation or causation of WandaVision to Spider-Man 3 . Previously, most of the speculation was between WandaVision or Spider-Man 3 leading into Multiverse of Madness . Now the events of WandaVision must be considered a setup for Watt's third Spidey flick, no matter how big or small.

Knowing that some Spider-Man 3 rumors are true , the multiverse will likely be a major factor for Peter Parker in this film. Here's a hypothetical series of events: Scarlett Witch breaks up the multiverse, Spider-Man confronts enemies from other realities, the Doctor Strange must put reality back together after it goes awry. The journey begins on January 15.

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