Tom Holland and Stan Lee's Funny Introduction Story Has Been Shared by James Gunn

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
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Stan "The Man" Lee, co-creator of basically the bulk of Marvel as we know it today, was a larger than life personality. And by all accounts he also possessed quite the sense of humor.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn seems to be on a question-answering spree today on his social media accounts. Responding to queries regarding such things as whether or not he'd ever helm an Avengers film and informing fans if he'll let Dave Bautista perform his signature wrestling move as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoiler alert: He won't.)


One fan asked James Gunn through his Instagram Stories if he had any nice stories to tell about Stan Lee. Gunn responded with the following: " I introduced to Tom Holland just after Tom was hired to play Spider-Man. Stan says to him, "Yes of course! I hear you're great! Personally, I don't see it!" And we all died laughing."

You can take a look at a screenshot of Gunn's Instagram post below:

Now obviously, Stan was just joking around with his thoughts on Tom Holland taking on the role of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man. But it's also interesting to know that James Gunn was on-hand during the special moment the two of them met and was actually the one who introduced them. Spider-Man as a character was always of special importance to Stan, so one can imagine Holland being more than a bit starstruck.

It seems that everybody who met Stan Lee has a nice story to tell about him or a complimentary thought. Stan is dearly missed, but it's always a good thing to see his memory live on in little anecdotes such as this.

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