Thor 4 Official Art Reveals Unused Galactus Scene (Photo)

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Thor 4 Galactus

Concept art for 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder shows off an unused scene featuring the Marvel comics villain Galactus (yes, you read that right).

The fourth installment in the MCU's Thor franchise gave fans many comic-accurate depictions of characters, stories, and moments, from The Mighty Thor battling both cosmic villains and cancer to Hercules' introduction into the MCU.

In fact, the many cosmic and out-there moments in the film were only the ones that made the cut, with many ideas being scrapped early in production. With the newly released concept art, fans get a glimpse at some of these original ideas for the film, including a familiar Devourer of Worlds.

Unused Galactus Scene in Thor 4 Concept Art

Marvel Comics

Concept art for Thor: Love and Thunder by Anthony Winn revealed an unused scene featuring Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, a popular Marvel comics villain who has yet to appear in the MCU as of publication.

Anthony Winn

It seems as though the Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) is battling a larger-than-life Galactus in space. Galactus' design in both images is identical to the comics, with the coloring in the first photo matching the Devourer's most common comic look.

Mighty Thor
Anthony Winn

Using her trusted weapon Mjolnir, the Mighty Thor takes to the sky in a battle, presumably with the cosmic villain given the matching background and context with the second photo.

Mighty Thor
Anthony Winn

Another unused scene shows the Mighty Thor battling a dragon — seemingly Fin Fang Foom, another popular Marvel comics villain. This would have also been Fin Fang Foom's MCU debut, if the scene came to fruition.

Anthony Winn

This cosmic foe may seem familiar to fans of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as Shuma Gorath made an appearance in the May 2022 film. This concept art shows that the Mighty Thor — instead of Strange — almost faced off against the one-eyed monster.

Mighty Thor
Anthony Winn

This art does not depict an easily recognizable character or setting from the comics like the others do, but the sense of power and adventure the scene gives is familiar enough to fans of cosmic Marvel.

Could Galactus Have Debuted in Thor 4?

While the concept art shows at least one unused scene featuring Galactus, it is possible that the concept art was meant less to be shot-for-shot what the movie would include, and more to represent the general vibe of the film.

However, an MCU Galactus is never out of the question. Cosmic Marvel has been having a lot of fun in the MCU, between the ending of Eternals, Thor: Love and Thunder's introduction of Hercules, and the various rumored Nova projects.

With further cosmic stories like Avengers: Secret Wars on the horizon, the concepts introduced in this art could one day make a come back.

Thor: Love and Thunder is streaming now on Disney+.

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