Where to Watch The Zone of Interest Movie - Streaming and Theater Details

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Christian Friedel in The Zone of Interest

It is only a matter of time before fans will be able to watch Jonathan Glazer's latest movie, The Zone of Interest, in theaters and then eventually online. 

Coming from A24, Zone of Interest tells the chilling tale of a Nazi commandant making a life for his family mere miles from the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

The film premiered at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, earning rave reviews and eventually claiming the top prize at the festival known as the Grand Prix. However, it has taken months to come to theaters for the general moviegoing public. 

How to Watch The Zone of Interest

The Zone of Interest Little Boy

Jonathan Glazer's The Zone of Interest is set to finally come to theaters in mid-December. 

Following the film's short delay from Friday, December 8, Zone of Interest will kick off its limited US theatrical run on December 15. 

Most major US theater chains will carry the movie, with listing and ticketing information below:

For international fans, the film will open in the UK just under two months after it does in North America, debuting in English cinemas on February 2, 2024. 

This US release comes on the heels of the film being named one of 2023's best by several critics' bodies, including the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, where it won Best Picture (per Variety).

While it is still a long way to the Academy Awards, this limited release will likely be expanded as A24 starts up the Zone of Interest Oscar campaign marketing machine. 

Can I Stream The Zone of Interest Online?

The Zone of Interest is not currently available to view online in any capacity (either via purchase or streaming). 

One can expect shortly after the movie hits theater screens, a digital release will follow promptly.

Another of A24's 2023 critical hits, the cult-horror film Talk to Me, came to digital 46 days after its US theatrical debut on July 28. If Zone of Interest follows a similar format, it would come to PVOD storefronts on January 30, 2024. 

While it could very well follow the same sort of theatrical-to-digital window, Talk To Me proved to have some box office legs, something Zone of Interest likely will not (given its heavy subject matter and limited release). 

Because of this, one should expect Jonathan Glazer's drama to come to digital sometime inside that 46-day window. 

As for when - and where - it will come to streaming, A24 recently signed a multiyear US output deal to stream exclusively on the Max streaming service. 

That means when The Zone of Interest is ready for streaming, it will certainly arrive on the Warner Bros.-owned platform. 

It is unknown when the exact date these A24 films (including movies that have already been released) will arrive on Max, so there is no real precedent to predict a theatrical-to-streaming window for the studio's films on the service. 

But given Zone of Interest will not be any sort of financial juggernaut for A24, fans should expect it on the service fairly promptly. 

The Zone of Interest comes to theaters on Friday, December 15. 

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