The OA's Viral School Scene Explained

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The OA school scene

The Season 1 finale of The OA, "Invisible Self," which debuted on Netflix in December 2016, featured a rather strange scene in the school's cafeteria that has recently begun circulating across social media again in viral clips.

The OA was a two-season mystery series that debuted on Netflix from 2016 to 2019 before it was canceled, leaving the show with a cliffhanger ending.

The OA revolved around the formerly-blind Prairie Johnson telling the story of how she was able to regain her sight to four high school students and teacher Betty.

The OA School Shooting

This followed her being missing for seven years where she was kept prisoner by a character played by Jason Isaacs. It was here she learned the five movements that would supposedly allow travel through space, time, and dimensions.

Having taught these movements to her group of five, a twist in the series saw French discover Prairie had several books, including one called How to Lie to Children and Not Get Caught, suggesting her whole story may have been false.

Now separated from Prairie, the group is found in a school cafeteria when an unknown shooter enters the room and open-fired an automatic rifle.

The OA School Shooting

Fearing for their lives, in a last-ditch attempt at survival, the four students began doing the "five movements" along with Betty, who ran back into the building to join them despite the massive danger.

The strange nature of their actions was enough to distract the attacker while a cafeteria worker tackled them to the ground. But alas, the gun went off in the action, killing Prairie who was watching from outside a window.

The OA School Shooting

While these clips have been edited to songs such as "Pumped Up Kicks," "Hollaback Girl," and more, the actual scene featured a more dramatic original score as the group evaded the tragedy with the help of interpretive dance.

Both seasons of The OA are streaming now on Netflix.

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