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The Mandalorian Releases VFX Montage Featuring Ahsoka, Bo-Katan & More

Ahsoka Bo Katan Mandalorian
By Russ Milheim

The Mandalorian grabbed the world's attention back when it premiered in November 2019. Then, Season two came around, and it truly became the center of everything pop culture-related as it aired. Discussions, memes, and blogs all talked about Mando at some point . While he is a great character to watch and go on these journeys with, it's his companion that is likely the true draw for many: Grogu, or Baby Yoda for most.

Practical effects have been a mainstay of the Star Wars series, prequel series aside; that trilogy alone proved the need for practical effects, sets, and actors. Since the mistakes made then, the franchise has embraced that aspect, and it can be seen all over The Mandalorian and even in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

Many of the aliens roaming around in the films (and shows) are done in full practical make-up and costumes. They even used miniatures to film huge starships in The Mandalorian.

That said, it's important to note that practical effects aren't the only answer to making things look believable and authentic. The true way to do it is with a healthy balance of both worlds. This is where The Mandalorian shines.

One of the biggest things The Mandalorian achieved was its advancements in visual effects technology. Instead of using green screens or having cast members act within a landscape in which none of it exists, the show used something called "Stagecraft" technology so that cast members like Din Djarin star Pedro Pascal and Ahsoka actress Rosario Dawson could portray their characters in real-time in environments that appear authentic .

The system uses a rear-projected LED screen to create what is essentially an immersive real-time, and very convincing, green screen. It made the show look phenomenal and allowed the stories to go places that it otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

That mix of visual and practical effects is the way to go, and thanks to a newly released video, fans can witness the process.


Industrial Light & Magic officially released a video on YouTube showcasing some of their work on the second season of the hit Star Wars Disney+ show The Mandalorian :

Featured in the VFX montage is Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka, who is harnessing her dual sabers in the forest of Corvus:

The Mandalorian

Additionally, Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan is briefly seen talking about Giedon's cruiser before the reel cuts to ILM artists working on a miniature version of the spaceship:

The Mandalorian


What Season 1 of The Mandalorian was able to accomplish visually was astounding, and then season 2 came around and blew it out of the park. Many sequences within the show have looked far better than those of other blockbuster films. The visual fidelity of everything the show brings to the table is on another level.

The "Stagecraft" technology lets the show do things that were not feasible before, not to mention it lets the show be entirely contained as most of the work can be done on a soundstage, compared to having to jump from location to location while shooting.

While the ground-breaking technology has been oddly slow to catch on outside the show, James Gunn will be using it to film the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 .

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