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John Leguizamo, The Green Veil

The Network's The Green Veil premiered on its resident streamer on April 30, but viewers are still wondering how exactly to watch the eight-episode show.

The 1950s-set series centers around John Leguizamo as Gordon Rogers, an immigrant who comes to the United States sold on the American Dream. Taking on the role of a government agent, he is put on a mission that leads to a myriad of secrets being uncovered.

The series generated great buzz from early screenings, diving deep into themes of race and featuring a potentially divisive main character.

How to Stream The Green Veil For Free

John Leguizamo as Gordon Rogers in The Green Vei
The Network

The Green Veil is currently only streaming on the streaming service The Network, a brand new streamer that houses all of its content for free.

The service is only available in the United States and can be used to watch the first two episodes of The Green Veil for no charge.

Users simply need to make an account on the website and they will be given access to current and future episodes of the series.

New episodes will debut on The Network every Tuesday, with double episode drops each week.

Ahead is the remaining schedule for this season of The Green Veil:

  • Episode 3 - Tuesday, May 7
  • Episode 4 - Tuesday, May 7
  • Episode 5 - Tuesday, May 14
  • Episode 6 - Tuesday, May 14
  • Episode 7 - Tuesday, May 21
  • Episode 8 - Tuesday, May 21

Fans can also access The Network via its app, which can be found on Apple, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, and Fire TV.

Is The Green Veil Worth Watching?

Early reactions for The Green Veil are still coming in, but reception to the show's first few episodes has been generally positive.

While John Leguizamo is usually known as the funny guy, his role as Gordon Rogers is anything but. Leguizamo's performance has been the standout from the series thus far, with AIPT Comics praising the actor's ability to hold a subtle anger underneath his portrayal.

The leading star's character may prove to be difficult to watch at points due to just how unlikeable he can get. However, Leguizamo isn't worried about that, saying at Variety's TV FYC Screening Series that he doesn't "need people to like" him:

"I don’t need people to like me in this role. That’s not what I want. I want it to be understood, understood how a person becomes this vile and twisted."

From the sounds of it, The Green Veil seems to be a show worth checking, filled with mystery and potentially a sci-fi twist.

The first two episodes of The Green Veil are streaming now on The Network.

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