The Flash Season 9 Actively Prevented Katee Sackhoff's Arrowverse Return

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Katee Sackhoff explained why she didn't return in The Flash's final season on The CW.

The Flash Season 9 featured many Arrowverse comebacks, such as Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, Nicole Maines' Dreamer, and Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne. 

However, there are still notable characters who didn't make an appearance in the Arrowverse's swan song, and one of them is Katee Sackhoff's Amunet Black. 

Katee Sackhoff Reacts to The Flash Season 9 Absence 

Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black, The Flash
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Speaking as a guest on The Playlist podcast, Katee Sackhoff explained why she was "really disappointed" that she didn't return as Amunet Black in The Flash Season 9. 

Sackhoff portrayed the recurring villain, Leslie Jocoy aka Amunet Black, in The Flash since Season 4, but the Arrowverse character didn't come back in the final season. 

In the show, Amunet Black had the ability to utilize magnetism to her advantage. 

Sackhoff pointed out that The Flash creative team didn't want her to return for the final season, noting that "someone over there didn't like [her] that much:"

“You know what – a lot of people love that character in 'The Flash.' I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to go back and actually reprise that role. Obviously, someone over there didn’t like me that much, because I did everything short of get down on bended knee. So, they did not want my character back again. So, I tried!”

When the podcast host said that other cast members would've tried to come back to the series as well, Sackhoff agreed before acknowledging that the show has some huge shoes to fill when it came to wrapping up many storylines: 

DeAngelo: “What a bummer. I’m sure everyone that was involved in the show was trying to come back as well.”

Sackhoff: “Oh, I’m sure. There’s just so many seasons and so many characters to wrap up that I think that you gotta be discerning in what the story’s gonna be moving forward, for sure.”

Interestingly, Amunet Black's lover, Goldface, made a surprise return in The Flash Season 9, helping Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster against Red Death. 

Predicting Amunet Black’s Role if She Returned in Season 9

It was unfortunate that Katee Sackhoff didn't return as Amunet Black in The Flash Season 9, considering the positive reception of fans and critics toward the actress' performance as the Arrowverse villain.

It would've been fascinating to see Amunet Black's comeback alongside Goldface in Season 9. The pair had unmatched chemistry during their time on the series, and seeing it again one last time would be quite fitting in The Flash's final run. 

If Amunet Black returned in The Flash Season 9, it's possible that she could be one of the villains recruited by Barry Allen in the fight against Red Death aka evil Batwoman

Despite not making a comeback, The Flash still managed to honor Amunet Black by featuring a reference to the villain when Goldface said that he betrayed Sackhoff's character which led to his escape. 

The Flash Season 9 is streaming on The CW app. 

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