The Crown Season 6 Part 2 Release Date, Episode Count & Everything We Know

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Now that Part 1 of The Crown's Season 6 has arrived, fans have questions about when Part 2 will debut and what to expect from the show's final episodes. 

In a departure from previous seasons of the historical drama, Netflix divided The Crown's sixth and final chapter into two parts with two separate release dates.

Following Part 1's debut and its focus on Princess Diana's final days, here's everything to know about Part 2 of The Crown Season 6. 

When is Part 2 of The Crown Season 6 Releasing?

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The Crown

While Part 1 of the streamer's sixth season dropped on November 16, Part 2 of The Crown's Season 6 arrives nearly a month later on Thursday, December 14. 

How Many Episodes is Part 2 of The Crown Season 6?

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The Crown

Unlike Part 1 which only consisted of four episodes, the second half of The Crown's sixth season spans six episodes (Episode 5 - Episode 10). 

This brings Season 6's episode count to a total of 10 episodes which has been the length of each previous season of the show. 

Who's Cast in Part 2 of The Crown Season 6?

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The bulk of The Crown's Season 5 cast returned for Season 6 and will continue in their roles through Episode 10. 

However, several new stars are set to make their debut in Part 2. And, despite Episode 3 ending with the death of Elizabeth Debicki's Princess Diana, new reports suggest she will return, along with Rufus Kampa's teenage Prince William, via a flashback.

Imelda Staunton - Queen Elizabeth II

Staunton's portrayal of the late Queen is not only expected to continue in Part 2 but also serve as the series' primary focus once Season 6 progresses into the early 2000s.

Olivia Colman - Queen Elizabeth II (Middle-Aged)

After playing the late monarch during Seasons 3 and 4, Netflix has confirmed Olivia Colman will return in Season 6 for a special tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. 

Claire Foy - Queen Elizabeth II (Young)

The first actress to play Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, Season 1 and 2's Claire Foy is also confirmed to return alongside Olivia Colman for the series tribute to its real-life inspiration. 

Dominic West - Prince Charles

In Part 1, Dominic West delivered an emotional and even burdened performance as Prince Charles who brought Princess Diana's body back to London and had to break the news to his sons. 

West will continue playing the future King in Part 2 and is expected to receive even more screen time. 

Ed McVey - Prince William

While Rufus Kampa played a teenage Prince William in Part 1, Ed McVey will take over the role in his first on-screen debut as the college-aged prince.

His relationship with Meg Bellamy's Catherine Middleton is confirmed to be one of Part 2's primary plots.

Meg Bellamy - Catherine Middleton

Another acting newcomer, Meg Bellamy plays a college-aged Catherine Middleton in Part 2 and Prince William's romantic interest at St. Andrews University in Scotland during the early 2000s.

Since Part 1 dealt with the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, the question is how the second half of Season 6 handles the introduction of the future Princess of Wales. 

Luther Ford - Prince Harry

Taking over the role of Prince Harry from Part 1 star Fflyn Edwards is Luther Ford, playing the teenage prince following the death of his mother and during his brother's years at college. 

Just how much of the prince's teenage years and what events The Crown intends to revisit is unknown. 

Olivia Williams - Camilla Parker Bowles

After Part 1 featured Prince Charles planning her 50th birthday, Olivia Williams is confirmed to continue her portrayal of the future queen consort alongside Dominic West. 

It's also possible that Part 2 will show her character beginning to interact with Ed McVey's Prince William and Luther Ford's Prince Hary. 

What Years Will Part 2 of The Crown Season 6 Cover?

The Crown, Diane
The Crown

While Netflix hasn't confirmed Part 2's exact timeline, The Crown's final episodes are expected to end with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles's 2005 wedding

Therefore, it's possible that Episode 5 begins with a time jump to 2001 - which is when Prince William attends St. Andrews - and continues through 2005. 

What Events Will Be in Part 2 of The Crown?

Apart from Prince William's college years, his romance with Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles and Camilla's royal wedding, few other events have been confirmed. 

However, the early 2000s were packed with royal events that the season is likely to revisit, such as Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, the passing of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother, and Tony Blair's premiership. 

It's also likely that the series will continue to focus on Prince William and Prince Harry's grief over losing their mother, as well as Queen Elizabeth II's efforts to learn from the princess' life as she adapts to a new millennium and the final years of her reign. 

Part 2 of The Crown Season 6 drops Thursday, December 14 on Netflix. 

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