The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Spoilers: Who Wins? Rumors & Speculation Explained

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The Challenge: All Stars cast, Nicole Zanatta, Adam Larson

Nearly half the field of contestants has been eliminated thus far in The Challenge: All Stars Season 4, and with only a few episodes remaining, many wonder who will be eliminated next and who will win the show.

At the beginning of The Challenge: All Stars Season 4, 25 total contestants who had competed in other reality competition TV shows were brought together to see who could come out on top as the best of the best.

Each episode has resulted in the elimination of either one or two contestants, but the remaining installments are set to shake things up dramatically.

[ The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Spoilers: Winner & Finalists Rumors Explained ]

The Challenge: All Stars Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated Next?

The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 contestants
The Challenge: All Stars

So far, 11 of 25 contestants have been eliminated from the show, with the latest being Tina Barta in Episode 8.

Playing the political game is just as important in The Challenge: All Stars as anything else, and the contestants proved that in Episode 8.

For example, Kam continued her quest to steal Cara's star, and in doing so, was able to make her way to the bottom, get another elimination win, and send Tina home packing.

It is worth noting that Kam did achieve what she set out to do in stealing Cara's star, which will shake things up in the next few episodes.

While The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 was filming, leaker PinkRose revealed which contestants were eliminated on a weekly basis.

Of course, when anything is leaked it must be taken with a grain of salt, but their information has proved credible as of writing.

If what they say continues to come to pass, Kam Williams will shockingly be the next contestant to be eliminated from the show despite stealing Cara's star just one week prior, leaving 13 competitors left.

However, in a first for The Challenge: All Stars Season 4, the week after Kam is eliminated (which will also be the penultimate episode), five contestants will be sent home, finally revealing the Top 8 and the finalists.

Who Will Be the Winner of The Challenge: All Stars Season 4?

According to PinkRose, the Top 8 of The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 will be:

  • Men
    • Ace Amerson
    • Derek Chavez
    • Leroy Garrett
    • Steve Meinke
  • Women
    • Laurel Stucky
    • Cara Maria Sorbello
    • Nicole Zanatta
    • Veronica Portillo

Most fans can agree any of those eight could realistically come out on top, but of course, only one can truly win.

If what PinkRose reported continues to hold, Laurel Stucky (who has won other competitions in the past such as The Challenge: Free Agents) will be crowned the champion.

Laurel proved in Episode 8 that she knew how to play all sides of the game, siding with Kam as she aimed to get Cara's star.

Their plan succeeded, and seeing as how Kam will reportedly be sent home in Episode 9, one has to wonder if Laurel will turn on Kam and prove herself to be the most ruthless competitor in all of Season 4.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 premiere every Wednesday on Paramount+.

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