Yes, Taylor Swift May Be Getting Her Own LEGO Set (Photos)

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Taylor Swift Lego

An official new Taylor Swift LEGO set may be hitting store shelves soon, but it's not guaranteed.

Taylor Swift, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, has been playing in front of sold-out stadiums since March on her Eras Tour.

The popularity of Swift and her tour cannot go understated, especially now that it's set to take over movie theaters on October 13. The Eras Tour movie is on track to earn $30 million in pre-sales, higher than Marvel's Avengers: Endgame (at AMC Theaters).

Taylor Swift LEGO Set Potentially Incoming

Taylor Swift Lover's House
Taylor Swift

A Taylor Swift LEGO set could soon be available, but it'll take fan support to make it happen.

LEGO has recently unveiled a selection of sets undergoing review for the second 2023 Review of its Ideas theme.

Five different Taylor Swift-themed LEGO sets have qualified but will need 10,000 supporters. If one of them qualifies, it'll be up for evaluation by LEGO and may be chosen to be transformed into an official set.

Among this batch of LEGO Idea sets, Taylor Swift's Lover House is a common idea, as four of the five submissions are iterations of the multi-colored home.

The Lover House was first introduced in Swift's 2019 Lover music video. Teasing her embrace of past music, sections of the house represent different albums.

The first submission by AndrewsBrickz is a simple version of the Lover House, using distinct colors to differentiate between the eras.

Lover House LEGO design.

The next Lover House by donnydings & Icemannn999 is quite detailed, including individual Taylor Swift Minifigures to match the rooms, lighting, and the iconic shower fish bowl.

Lover House LEGO design.

Featuring brighter colors, this design by Water Leaper also highlights a detailed white front lawn leading up to the ruby-red door. However, it is missing a chimney that is featured in all the other designs.

Lover House LEGO design.

A slightly more vertical version of the Lover House was designed by creator RC1317. The rooms appear slightly smaller, possibly just more narrow, but the same colors and themes are present. 

Lover House LEGO design.

Moving away from the Lover House (even though it is still a part of the set), a set was submitted based on The Eras Tour by donnydings. 

The coolest part of this set would be the 10 different Taylor Swift Minifigures in her different album-matching outfits.

Eras Tour LEGO design.

From a previous batch of LEGO Idea submissions, another Lover House was designed by Lucy33. This set has bright lighting and a few trees outside.

Lover House LEGO design.

Will There Be a Taylor Swift LEGO Set?

This wouldn't be the first time a music-inspired LEGO was created following Idea submissions. Artists like BTS Dynamite, Elvis Presley ‘The King’, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles have all gotten individual sets.

Taylor Swift's massive following and ravenous fans give these Lover House and Eras Tour sets a real chance of being produced by LEGO. Also, because there are several sets currently under review, the odds are even more improved.

While only one or two submissions are chosen, the connection to this international superstar gives those designs room to stick out among all 49 under review.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour hits theaters on October 13.

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