The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Reacts to Review Bombing From Snyder Cut Fans

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Warner Bros. is just a few short days away from adding to the DC Extended Universe with James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, the highly-anticipated sequel/reboot starring DC's best anti-heroes and villains. With the promotional tour for the film hitting a fever pitch ahead of its debut, Gunn's first DC outing is already being regarded as one of the DCEU's most successful projects to date.

Even with The Suicide Squad's early praise, there is still the lingering issue of this new entry being tied back to David Ayer's work on 2016's Suicide Squad, which came to prominence in director Zack Snyder's time with Warner Bros.

Snyder had the chance to deliver his full vision for DC's major team-up movie with the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League in March 2021, helping put the 2017 theatrical cut further into the rearview while showing what the film was supposed to be. This led to a major public outcry for Snyder's return via the #RestoretheSnyderVerse movement, which has been particularly telling even with Snyder's apparent exit from the franchise.

In the case of The Suicide Squad's relationship with this movement, rumors are pointing to a sect of the Snyder fandom leaving negative reviews for Gunn's movie in order to push for Snyder's return. Gunn has since responded to this rumor with an optimistic point of view on the matter.


James Gunn Justice League

Twitter user @hydeandgeek commented on fans of director Zack Snyder review-bombing James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. In doing so, he praised Gunn's movie for "(being) dark and fun" while still "having some personality in its characters," admitting that gun "hasn't let (him) down yet."

Gunn responded to this Tweet by simply admitting that "(he'll) live" and that things like this "(mean) nothing in the big picture." He also touched on the fact that "most (of) the Snyder Cut fans have been supportive" through the promotional tour for his movie.

"I’ll live - stuff like this means nothing in the big picture. (And important to point out most the SnyderCut fans have been supportive, it’s only a few who feel it’s worthwhile spending their time doing stuff like this.)"


James Gunn has commented on the Snyder fandom on other occasions in the past, although he largely seems focused on delivering the best comic book movie he can with The Suicide Squad. After his overwhelming success with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise in the MCU, he's learned to not take things like this to heart while trying to work on something he feels is special in and of itself.

The Suicide Squad has already earned largely positive reviews, which has resulted in a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Gunn is also clearly supportive of Snyder's fans even through the troubles the former DCEU director experienced with Warner Bros., especially with Gunn set for big things himself in the DCEU.

Fans will certainly be paying close attention to The Suicide Squad's critical rating, especially after it debuts worldwide at the end of the week. 

The Suicide Squad will premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6.

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