Full Cast of Such Brave Girls on Hulu - Every Main Actor & Character (Photos)

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Such Brave Girls is BBC Three's newest British sitcom led by a strong cast of actresses. 

Created by Kat Sadler, Such Brave Girls revolves around the story of a dysfunctional single-parent family as they navigate their daily lives. The show is headlined by Sadler and her real-life sister, Lizzie Davidson. 

Such Brave Girls made its debut on BBC Three on November 22, with an exclusive Hulu streaming release in the US on December 15.

Every Main Actor & Character in Such Brave Girls

Kat Sadler - Josie

Kat Sadler as Josie
Kat Sadler

Such Brave Girls creator Kat Sadler is part of the cast as Josie, the show's main character. 

In an interview with BBC, Sadler teased what to expect from Josie, noting that she's someone "who is desperately trying to work out who she is:"

"Josie is someone who is desperately trying to work out who she is. She’s trying to rebel and express herself whilst being held back by being a spineless, chronic people pleaser. She’s a direct contrast to her sister Billie. When you have family trauma, or a parent that leaves, or both, I think you respond in different ways."

Sadler also pointed out that Josie's anger made her "constantly [try] to run away" from everything: 

"Josie has turned her anger inwards, towards herself - constantly trying to run away and reinvent who she is. Whereas Billie is just angry at the world. Deep down, they’re both desperate to be loved."

Aside from playing Laura in a short film titled Rob & Beth in 2018, Such Brave Girls is Kat Sadler's first major acting credit. 

Sadler is a screenwriter known for her work in Tell Me Everything, Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable, and Frankie Boyle's New World Order.

Louise Brealey - Deb

Louise Brealey as Deb
Louise Brealey

Deb (played by Louise Brealey) is Jesse and Billie's mother. 

Speaking with BBC, Brealey described Deb as a "nightmare mother from hell," saying she loves Billie more than Jesse:

"She is a nightmare mother from hell but she loves her daughters. Not equally, of course. She much prefers Billie, the little one. But she tries to do her best by Josie, even though she is convinced that she’s from another planet."

The actress also said that Deb will do "absolutely anything" to get her family out of debt: 

"Deb is a wily street rat in big earrings. She will do absolutely anything to get the family out of the tens of thousands of pounds of debt they’ve have been left in by her useless husband’s disappearance. That includes lying, cheating, stealing, etc."

Sherlock fans may recognize Brealey for her role as Molly Hooper in the series. The actress also appeared in Lockwood & Co., Brian and Charles, and Back.

Lizzie Davidson - Billie

Lizzie Davidson as Billie
Lizzie Davidson

Lizzie Davidson plays Bille, Josie's sister in Such Brave Girls. Given that Davidson is actually Kat Sadler's real-life sister, it's quite fitting that the pair leads the cast of the sitcom. 

Davidson told BBC that Bille is "based on bits of [her]" personality, saying that it's "probably" her worst traits: 

"So she's definitely not me, but she's based on bits of me. Probably my worst traits, which Kat has very much highlighted and heightened for the nation to see. Billie definitely loves with all of her heart. But it's almost always aimed at people who don't care about her at all. The ones who actually care about her, she mostly treats like s**t."

The actress then described her character as someone who is brave and bold yet "extremely vulnerable:"

"She's brave, she's very bold, but also sometimes she's extremely vulnerable. But she would bite your head off if she knew that about her. Most of all, I think she is sexy, and that's what people should take away from this."

Such Brave Girls is Davidson's first major acting credit. 

Freddie Meredith - Seb

Freddie Meredith as Seb
Freddie Meredith

Seb is Josie's romantic interest in the series. The character is played by Freddie Meredith. 

Meredith is a rising star known for his roles in The Crown, Chivalry, and Live at the Moth Club.

Paul Bazely - Dev

Paul Bazely as Dev
Paul Bazely

Paul Bazely joins the cast of Such Brave Girls as Dev, Deb's love interest in Season 1.

In an interview with BBC, Bazely gave an overview of his role in the sitcom, teasing that Dev is an adventurous guy who loves paintball and parties:  

"Dev has recently started going out with Deb who is the girls’ mum, they met online and they’ve been on a few dates. Kat writes brilliant biogs for the characters and for Dev she’d put the greatest moment of glory in his whole life on a stag weekend in 1998, when he was the last man standing in a paintball competition, and to me, that was like a key to Dev. He has a very run-of-the-mill job in quality control which he loves, he loves his team and he’s very serious about his work."

The actor then said that Dev is "completely overwhelmed" by Deb and her daughters:

"He thinks he’s got a good sense of humor but probably not. For some reason, he's got a huge love of New Order and he follows them all around the world to see their gigs. And he's got a huge love of Grange Hill strangely, he loves looking up Grange Hill on his iPad which Deb's very suspicious of. He’s a quite straightforward bloke who is completely overwhelmed by these 3 women, and he's quite scared of them really."

Bazely has credits in Black Mirror, Cruella, and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Sam Buchanan - Nicky

Sam Buchanan as Nicky
Sam Buchanan

Sam Buchanan's Nicky is described as Billie's love of her life in the series. In Episode 1, Billie is desperate in trying to bring back Nicky into her life. 

Buchanan previously appeared in The Power, Scrapper, and EastEnders.

Carla Woodcock - Bianca

Carla Woodcock as Bianca
Carla Woodcock

Carla Woodcock plays Bianca in Such Brave Girls.

Woodcock is best known for her roles as Zia in Tell Me Everything and Marina Perry in Ackley Bridge.

Amy Trigg - Claire

Amy Trigg
Amy Trigg

Amy Trigg joins the cast of Such Brave Girls as Claire.

Trigg has credits in The Reckoning, Everything Now, and The Other One.

Jude Mack - Sid

Jude Mack as Sid
Jude Mack

Jude Mack's Sid is one of the characters who will be introduced in Such Brave Girls.

Mack previously starred as Boo in I Hate Suzie, Diana Mitford in Clash of Futures, and Kat in The Man Who Fell to Earth

Richard Cunningham - Reverend Peter

Richard Cunningham as General Ramda
Richard Cunningham

Richard Cunningham plays Reverend Peter in the British sitcom.

Star Wars fans may recognize Cunningham for his role as General Ramda in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The actor also appeared in 45 Years, Living, and The Cursed.

Haruka Kuroda - Pre-Natal Nurse

Haruka Kuroda
Haruka Kuroda

Haruka Kuroda portrays a pre-natal nurse in Such Brave Girls.

Kuroda is a UK-based Japanese actress who appeared in Killing Eve, Foster, Life, and Ideal.

Jennifer Daley - Jen

Jennifer Daley
Jennifer Daley

Jennifer Daley plays a character named Jen in the series. 

Daley has credits in The Archers, Bashment, and Fit.

Donna Berlin - Hospital Nurse

Donna Berlin
Donna Berlin

Donna Berlin portrays an unnamed hospital nurse.

Berlin made an appearance in several films and TV shows like Requiem, In Darkness, Monochrome, and Dinner with My Sisters.

Paul Casar - Clive

Paul Casar
Paul Casar

Clive is played on-screen by Paul Casar. 

Casar has an impressive resume, with roles in Detectorists, Manhunt, Galavant, and Dracula Untold.

Eileen Davies - Nan

Eileen Davies
Eileen Davies

Eileen Davies plays Nan in BBC Three's newest sitcom.

Davies has over 90 credits to her name, with roles in Willow, Holby City, and Too Close.

Geoff Francis - Mark

Geoff Francis
Geoff Francis

Geoff Francis is part of the cast of Such Brave Girls as Mark.

Francis previously appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Ashes to Ashes, and Doctor Who.

Bilal Zafar - Vicar

Bilal Zafar portrays a man named Vicar in the series.

Zafar has credits in Last Christmas, Sick of It, and Catastrophe.

Such Brave Girls airs in the UK on BBC Three and is streaming on Hulu now.

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