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Still Here characters cast

The Temptations star Charles Malik Whitfield headlined the stellar cast of Tubi's latest 2023 original, Still Here.

Directed by Chris Stokes, Still Here is a thriller that revolves around the story of how a husband experiences delusional trauma after accidentally killing his wife. 

Still Here made its debut on Tubi on November 9, 2023.

Every Main Cast Member of Tubi's Still Here

Here is a list of the 11 main actors who appear in Tubi's Still Here, with details about their respective characters and filmography below: 

  • Charles Malik Whitfield - William Law
  • Veronika Bozeman - Jennifer Law
  • Blue Kimble - Kenny
  • Tanee McCall - Kimberly Stanton
  • Erika Guillory White - Detective Milestone
  • Gary Sturgis - Detective Gary
  • Flex Alexander - Detective Gray
  • Terrell Clayton - Frank
  • LaRita Shelby - Kaitlin
  • Ad Davis - Trevor Staples
  • Alyssa Rachel - Breanna

Charles Malik Whitfield - William Law

Charles Malik Whitfield as William Law
Charles Malik Whitfield

William Law (played by Charles Malik Whitfield) is a popular writer who accidentally murdered his wife after an intense and emotional fight. 

After his wife's apparent death, William panicked and he threw her body off a boat. 

Moments after, William went on with his life like nothing happened. He even wrote this murder story as the crux of his new novel. 

Little did he know, his wife would eventually start to haunt him, leading to him questioning if she was really dead. 

Whitfield is best known for his role as Otis Williams in The Temptations. The actor also appeared in Fresh, Notorious, and Behind Enemy Lines.

Veronika Bozeman - Jennifer Law

Veronika Bozeman
Veronika Bozeman

Veronika Bozeman portrays Jennifer Law, William's wife who was (accidentally) murdered by him after trying to leave her behind for his mistress, Kimberly Stanton.

William and Jennifer initially had a smooth relationship as husband and wife, but it got derailed when Kimberly entered the picture. 

Still Here managed to chronicle the ups and downs of William and Jennifer's marriage, ultimately leading to the latter's demise.

Bozeman has a few credits to her name with roles in Howard High, Paydirt, and Empire.

Blue Kimble - Kenny

Blue Kimble as Kenny
Blue Kimble

Blue Kimble's Kenny is William's friend and a bar owner. After the night of the murder, William went over to Kenny's bar to talk about his wife "leaving" him. 

Kimble previously appeared in Ruthless, Monogamy, The Rookie, and Being Mary Jane.

Tanee McCall - Kimberly Stanton

Tanee McCall as Kimberly Stanton
Tanee McCall

Portraying Williams' mistress in Still Here is Tanee McCall as Kimberly Stanton. 

Kim and William met during the latter's book signing. After hitting it off, they ended up sleeping together. William even described Kim as "the woman of her dreams."

McCall has credits in projects like Burlesque, The Losers, Hairspray, and Coach Carter.

Erika Guillory White - Detective Milestone

Erika Guillory White as Detective Milestone
Erika Guillory White

Detective Milestone is one of the investigators assigned to the missing person's case centered around the search for Jennifer. She is played on-screen by Erika Guillory White. 

White previously appeared in Battlefield America, Women: Stories of Passion, and The Players Club.

Gary Sturgis - Detective Gary

Gary Sturgis as Detective Gary
Gary Sturgis

Detective Gary (played by Gary Sturgis) was the main investigator who asked William about the mysterious disappearance of his wife, Jennifer. 

Sturgis is known for his roles in Pride, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and Wicked City.

Flex Alexander - Detective Grey

Flex Alexander as Detective Gray
Flex Alexander

Detective Grey is the supervising officer of Detective Gary and Detective Milestone. The character is played by Flex Alexander.

Grey told Milestone to bring William in for more questioning. The detective also reminded them that the case falls under the missing persons' umbrella if she has been gone for 48 hours or more. 

Alexander is known for his roles in Snakes on a Plane, The Hills Have Eyes 2, and She's All That.

Terrell Clayton - Franklin Ramsey

Terrell Clayton as Frank
Terrell Clayton

Terrell Clayton's Franklin Ramsey is Jennifer's father who was devastated after she was declared missing by the police. 

Clayton has credits in projects like Curb Your Enthusiasm, How to Get Away with Murder, and Six Feet Under.

LaRita Shelby - Kaitlin

LaRita Shelby
LaRita Shelby

Kaitlin (played by LaRita Shelby) is William's publisher who attended the launch of his fourth book, Revenge. She was present when William proposed to Jennifer. 

Shelby is best known for her roles in South Central, Martin, and Fosters Law.

Ad Davis - Trevor Staples

Ad Davis as Trevor Staples
Ad Davis

Trevor Staples (played by Ad Davis) was William's attorney whom he brought in after being questioned one year after his wife, Jennifer, disappeared.

Still Here is Davis' first notable acting credit.

Alyssa Raquel - Breanna

Alyssa Rachel
Alyssa Rachel

Alyssa Raquel plays Breanna, Kenny's employee who advised William to bring home flowers to Jennifer after their big fight. 

Still Here is Rachel's first major acting credit.

Still Here is now streaming on Tubi.

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