Star Wars Rebels Composer Returning For The Bad Batch Disney+ Show

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Enough can't be said about the importance of music to the success of Star Wars.

George Lucas himself has said that John Williams' scores are the "secret sauce" to the franchise, and it's absolutely true. What we see on screen already has weight, but the music is what elevates Star Wars and adds gravitas to iconic moments. As important as Williams has been in creating the glossary of themes for Star Wars, many new composers have had the honor of contributing to the franchise in recent years as well.

Perhaps no person among those select few in that group has been more critical to the continuation of the franchise than Kevin Kiner. The composer was hired to write the score for The Clone Wars in 2008 and successfully gelled together many of Williams' cues with ones befitting the new characters for the series, and once again did the same with Star Wars Rebels . Lucasfilm is far from finished with their animated content, and it appears that Kiner will once again be working within the galaxy far, far away...


Film Music Reporter has shared that Kevin Kiner will return to score Star Wars: The Bad Batch . The series, following Clone Force 99 directly following the events of Revenge of the Sith , is set to debut this year.


With The Bad Batch seemingly serving as a direct sequel to The Clone Wars , it's no surprise that Dave Filoni is working to retain as much of his creative team as possible. Kiner was thrilled to return for the seventh and final season of the fan-favorite series that wrapped up last year, and coming back to continue writing music for these characters was likely a no-brainer.

Kevin Kiner's contributions to Star Wars cannot be understated. Like the films, many of The Clone Wars and Rebels' grandest moments wouldn't have nearly as much weight if not for Kiner's scores and the attachments fans have made with his musical themes.

Would Ahsoka's departure from the Jedi Order or the quick events of Order 66 be quite as gripping if not for Kiner's music? What about the heroine's fateful duel with Darth Vader in Rebels ? Or the death of Kanan Jarrus and the moving events that transpired thereafter?

Definitely not.

Kiner's theme for Ahsoka was also heavily featured in The Mandalorian "Chapter 13" by Ludwig Goransson, making it the first time his work was referenced in the live-action realm. Don't be surprised if Kiner joins the team for Ahsoka and once again works with Filoni on what's now become the sequel to Rebels .

But before then, we have The Bad Batch . The footage shown in the sizzle that debuted during Disney's Investors Day event in December looked phenomenal and held up to the standard established by Clone Wars , and Kiner's score for the series will certainly do no less. And before year's end, we'll have the privilege of getting to enjoy it.

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