Popular Star Wars Meme Gets Referenced In The Mandalorian Season 3

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"Chapter 19" of The Mandalorian appeared to make reference to a popular Star Wars joke from the internet of yesteryear.

The third episode of The Mandalorian's third season might end up being a divisive one, despite it being the show’s longest installment to date. It opened with a high-octane action sequence, but then the focus quickly shifted to Dr. Penn Pershing on Coruscant.

Fans will remember Pershing as the Imperial cloning scientist from the first two seasons. Now rehabilitated, he started a new life in the New Republic Amnesty Program, aimed at giving ex-Imperials a fresh start and new purpose.

But the good doctor’s fall from grace begins when he meets an old co-worker from Moff Gideon’s ship. She appeared to befriend Pershing, but her true intentions were far more sinister.

Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies

Dr. Penn Pershing in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian‘s "Chapter 19" seems to acknowledge a longstanding Star Wars internet meme: “Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies.”

Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies meme
Know Your Meme

This comes into play when Dr. Pershing mentions his fondness for yellow Imperial travel biscuits to a group of fellow former Imperial officers in the New Republic‘s Amnesty Program. 

A short time later, a crate of those exact biscuits was sitting on his front doorstep in the middle of the night.

Travel biscuits in The Mandalorian

Elia Kane used the rations to gain Pershing’s trust and draw him into her trap. It was through these biscuits and her words that she was able to persuade the doctor to commit a crime. In essence, the dark side had cookies.

elia Kane in The Mandalorian

The meme actually dates back quite a few years; by all accounts, it originated over a decade ago.

What Is Dr. Pershing’s Future in Star Wars?

At the end of the episode, Pershing was put into a mind flayer machine that was sugar-coated to make it sound therapeutic.

The Mind Flayer has been referenced in other Star Wars content, and its purpose is pretty much what it says on the tin: it wipes the subject’s mind. It actually seems somewhat akin to a lobotomy.

In this installment of The Mandalorian, the device was used on a lower, less impactful voltage until Elia Kane kicked it up to full power, likely harming Pershing‘s brain. 

It remains to be seen if Pershing will crop up in any other MandoVerse shows, but it would seem somewhat unlikely. But there’s always a chance, given his expertise in the field of cloning, which certain groups are quite interested in.

The Mandalorian drops new episodes on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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