Star Wars' Newest Disney+ Show Gets Renewed for Another Season (Rumor)

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A new report seemingly revealed that Season 3 of Star Wars: Visions is on the way for a Disney+ release.

The Visions animated anthology has already proved a winning formula for Disney and Lucasfilm

The series, which sees animation studios from around the world tackle the hit sci-fi franchise with their own unique out-of-canon stories, has been celebrated by critics, being described as "Disney+'s hidden gem."

And while Season 2 of the series only just started streaming on Disney+, it remains unknown if any more of these animated adventures will be on the way under the Visions banner. 

More Star Wars: Visions Coming

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In an appearance on The Hot Mic podcast, insider Jeff Snieder reported he has heard more Star Wars: Visions is on the way. 

Sneider tweeted after mentioning it on the podcast saying, "In honor of May The 4th Be With You" he wanted to reveal he's heard "Season 3 of Star Wars: Visions is already in the works:"

"Rumor in honor of May The 4th Be With You: Hearing that Season 3 of 'Star Wars: Visions' is already in the works. Season 2 debuted today..."

As alluded to by Sneider in his tweet, Visions Season 2 is the newest Disney+ Star Wars show, with its latest batch of episodes having hit the platform as a part of Lucasfilm's May 4th Star Wars Day celebrations. 

Why More Star Wars: Visions Is a Good Thing?

There was never any promise that more Star Wars: Visions was ever going to happen. After its debut season found a small but passionate fanbase, the idea of Disney pursuing a Season 2 came as a bit of a surprise to many. 

And despite that second batch of episodes now having just been released, it feels early to have already begun work on a Season 3. 

However, this news will be welcomed by fans of the Visions series. This project, may not be the same sort of anchor title something like The Mandalorian may be, but it is an important one. 

Visions features some pretty incredible Star Wars stories and does it all while broadening the creative horizons of what this iconic science-fiction franchise can be. 

These bite-sized adventures allow animation studios from around the world to try the Star Wars sweater on and see if it fits. It also lets Lucasfilm kind of conduct a very public think tank within the galaxy far, far away. 

It has not happened yet, but there is the possibility that Disney sees what they like from one of these Visions stories and want to tackle it in a more fully fleshed-out fashion, or further develop its partnership with that particular animation studio to work on another project.  

Star Wars: Visions Season 2 is streaming now on Disney+.

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