Star Wars: Andor Just Recycled a Deleted Last Jedi Snoke Scene

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Andor has captured the attention of Star Wars fans across the world. The latest Disney+ series may not have the same gigantic audience as the likes of Obi-Wan or The Mandalorian, but it's being hailed critically as the best of the bunch.

It certainly came as a surprise to many, seeing as how the show stars a character who wasn't even the lead of his debut movie. Yet, he's now managing to lead some of the best storytelling in the franchise.

While it's previously been touted that the series is very much telling its own contained story, there have still been plenty of Easter Eggs for fans to uncover. After all, with the show being about the birth of the Rebellion, it's going to have to connect to some things.

However, now an unexpected connection between the show and a big movie has been revealed—and it involves the polarizing film, The Last Jedi.

Andor Inherites Abandoned Last Jedi Idea

Thanks to Star Wars YouTuber Kyle Katarn, an unexpected connection between Star Wars: Andor and The Last Jedi has been revealed.

In Andor's latest episode, Kyle Soller's Syril Karn is seen walking through the Bureau of Standards, where he eventually lands a job by the episode's end.


Apparently, the design for that workplace was actually meant to be a part of Snoke's Supremacy ship in The Last Jedi.

Last Jedi, Snoke, Supremacy

Katarn revealed how Todd Cherniawsky, the production designer on Episode 8, told him that "Rian Johnson originally had the [bullpen] idea" for a Snoke scene in The Last Jedi:

"Rian Johnson originally had the idea to include this gigantic bullpen on Snoke's ship; full of accountants and pencil pushers. The idea was later reimagined for the Bureau of Standards in Andor."

As for where Katarn got the quote, according to the YouTuber, the two of them spoke on the phone recently.

The information seems to be corroborated by Lucasfilm's Phil Szostak, who pointed out that The Last Jedi deleted can actually be found on Disney+:

"The Last Jedi deleted scene 'Mega Destroyer Incursion,' described below, can be found under Extras on Disney+, or as concept art on page 171 in 'The Art of The Last Jedi,' written by yours truly."

What Could Have Been

Usually, fans are hearing about what could have been part of The Rise of Skywalker. Audiences learning about cut parts of The Last Jedi happens far less.

As pointed out by Szostak, the deleted scene in The Last Jedi featuring a similar office space can be seen in the Extras tab of the film on Disney+. The version filmed there is a much smaller area than shown in Andor, but it would have been a part of Finn and Roses' incursion into the Supremacy.

Seeing as the ship was destroyed in the Sequel Trilogy, the odds of it showing up again are slim. However, given the potential hints throughout The Mandalorian about Palpatine's cloning technology, there's still a chance it might show up at some point in that earlier timeline.

Andor and The Last Jedi are now both streaming on Disney+

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