Spider-Man: No Way Home Has a 'Bad' Peter Parker Scene, Reveals Actor

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When the post-credits scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home finished, fans were blown away; the franchise was in a spot that it had never been in before. The world now knows Peter Parker's identity as the wall-crawler. Not only that but the Friendly Neighborhood hero has been framed for murder. The stinger could easily rank as one of the biggest MCU moments of all time, probably even across the entire Spider-Man franchise.

Never before has the world known Peter's secret, and the pressure that will be put on Spidey is undoubtedly going to make for an intense journey.

Given the unique situation, fans are likely to see the cast of characters in a completely new light. On top of the identity crisis, add on the Multiverse breaking apart and half a dozen villains targeting Spider-Man, and it would be an absolute miracle if Peter didn't break halfway through the movie.

In a new interview, the cast behind the film discussed the different sides of their characters that fans will witness in the movie––including a dark side to Peter.

No Way Home Gets New Character Moments

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home discussed what they were able to do with their characters this time around that they hadn't done before.

According to Zendaya, the film shows "so many more sides of Peter" and how all the characters "deal with different kinds of pressure:"

"We see so many more sides of Peter. All the characters, you know? We get to emotionally put them under a certain situation we've never cinematically seen. So you see them deal with different kinds of pressure, different kinds of scrutiny, different kinds of..."

Tom Holland also teased that No Way Home shows "Peter Parker's ability to be bad" and mentioned how "something happens in this film which [he] think[s] fans will be very shocked by:"

"Yeah, and also Peter Parker's ability to be bad... there's something that happens in this film which I think fans will be very shocked by, which is really exciting and, for me, was something I loved bringing to the screen."

The Dark Side of Peter Parker

Until No Way Home, the MCU Spider-Man has always been a little young and naive. It's part of the charm of the younger take on Spidey.

Eventually, though, that's going to have to change. If Holland is to be believed, it would seem the moment is almost at hand.

Given the stakes involved in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it's no surprise the journey may take the ultimate toll on Peter Parker. The end of Far From Home was rough, but dealing with the cascading consequences that this next adventure has in store for him will undoubtedly be worse.

The real question is: what moment could Holland be talking about? It probably isn't his theft from Strange of the unique box seen in the trailers, but what else could it be?

Could the weight Peter is under lead him to make a profound choice he may later regret, maybe something that could hurt those around him?

Fans will have to find out when No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.

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