Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Cut Delays Ticket Sales

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Spider-Man: No Way Home 3 Spider Men

Phase 4 of the MCU may be drawing to a close, but Marvel fans will soon have the chance to revisit its biggest box-office success when Spider-Man: No Way Home returns to theaters this Labor Day Weekend. Titled Spider-Man: No Way Home "The More Fun Stuff Version," this extended take of the record-breaking Spider-Man threequel is expected to add about 15 minutes of footage to the original 148-minute cut. 

While Sony has yet to confirm exactly who and/or what will be featured in this extra footage, of course, hopes are high for more Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Men, as well as Charlie Cox's "really good lawyer," Matt Murdock

What fans did know for certain was when tickets went on sale for No Way Home's theatrical homecoming. Or, rather, they did

Spider-Man: No Way Home Ticket Sale Date Shifts

Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Spider-Men

According to Fandango's Erik Davis, ticket sales for Spider-Man: No Way Home's "More Fun Stuff Version" have been delayed:

"UPDATE: Many of you are asking me about this today, so I looked into it. Spider-Man: No Way Home - "The More Fun Stuff Version" is still coming Labor Day weekend, but the tix on sale date has shifted. Once we know when tix will go on sale, you all will be the first to know!"

Tickets for the extended cut of the record-breaking prequel were originally supposed to go on sale on August 9. However, as of now, fans can still expect the "More Fun Stuff Version" to swing into theaters on September 1.

Typical Parker Luck?

At the moment, the reasons behind shifting the ticket sales date for the "More Fun Stuff Version" is a mystery, as is the date when tickets will now become available. 

These are just the latest questions attached to this upcoming re-release. In addition to not knowing what Sony has added to the film, the other big question is how much No Way Home's theatrical return will earn at the box office. 

Since the threequel is already available on digital and Blu-ray and was only in theaters nine months earlier, is there a significant demand for an extra fifteen minutes? And, if not, how will this impact the narrative concerning No Way Home's success and Sony's trend of re-releasing its Spider-Man Universe films

While the answers to most of those questions remain to be seen, since the "More Fun Stuff Version" is only three weeks out from its theatrical release, news of a new ticket sales date can be expected at any time. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home "More Fun Stuff Version" debuts in US theaters on September 1 with worldwide release dates ranging from late August to early October.

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