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Spider-Man: No Way Home is widely considered to be one of the best projects that Marvel Studios has put out in Phase 4. Not only was it well crafted, but it included a team-up between Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire as they took on an almost fully formed Sinister Six. Even better is how its ending pulled no punches.

Not only did Aunt May end up biting the dust thanks to Norman Osborn, but Peter Parker himself had to make the ultimate sacrifice. To save all of the universes, Peter had Doctor Strange follow through with his original spell. This time, however, it wiped out everyone's memory of his existence—everyone's favorite hero was truly alone.

Though, this did put the character in a perfect place to become a truly classic version of the webhead. So, while the ending was rough, there was a little bit of optimistic hope.

Now, in celebration of Tom Holland's birthday, Sony's social media have poked fun at his grim fate; comedy is the best medicine, after all.

Sony Jokes About Spider-Man

Spider-Man no way home ending

August 10 is a big day for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Well, it happened to be Tom Holland's birthday, aka, the man who brings Spider-Man to life.

To celebrate the occasion, Sony joked on Twitter about No Way Home's memory-wipe ending twist, noting how they found a stranger's passport and how it happened to also be their cake day:

"come across this passport for a 'Peter Parker' ... not sure who that is, but looks like today is his birthday."

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Who in the World is Peter Parker?

For those who may be tired of the "who is Peter Parker" jokes, well, it might be best to get used to it. They might be the norm for some time to come—or at least until more people start to get close to Peter again.

For that to happen, Sony will need to actually make some progress on Spider-Man 4. It's been rumored to be in development, but word on the street is that the studio still hasn't officially signed Tom Holland on for more projects yet.

While the actor is almost certainly going to come aboard, he's likely biding his time and aiming for a good deal before signing away his soul and his time. Spider-Man is easily one of the biggest characters in the MCU, so both Sony and Marvel Studios will do anything they can to retain the franchise's star.

But what will a fourth adventure hold? Well, there's that rogue symbiote piece, loose Scorpion plot threads, the return of Kingpin, and probably plenty of other options. Maybe the wall-crawler will even team up with Charlie Cox's Daredevil at some point.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available to purchase where movies are sold.

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