Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals 25 Blu-ray Extras & Featurettes

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Spider-Man No Way Home Blu-ray DVD release

It's been nearly two months since Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered in theaters, and it still feels like comic book movie fans are emotionally recovering. The MCU Spidey threequel was released to glowing reviews as it sought to combine all three generations of big-screen wall-crawlers. Now weeks later, audiences sit eagerly awaiting the film's at-home arrival. 

Despite No Way Home continuing its record-breaking run in theaters worldwide, its Blu-ray release has already been plotted and is ready to make its way into people's homes. All this has contributed to a bit of an awards season buzz that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures hope to see the fruits of soon.

With this Marvel epic being as big as it is, of course there were going to be plenty of special features and extras coming packed in its at-home release, and fans finally have a clearer idea of what those entail. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home's Blu-ray Details

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Blu ray

Twitter-user @5150Aamrit unveiled the list of extras and featurettes that will be appearing on Spider-Man: No Way Home's Blu-ray when it releases in March. 

The film will come packed with twenty extra goodies, not even including the five deleted scenes showing up as a part of the package. This collection amounts to over 100 minutes of extra content for fans to satiate that Spidey fix. 

Among these special features comes what seems to be various cast interviews, break-downs on the Multiversal storytelling present in the film, as well as a couple walkthroughs of some of the movie's most intense sequences. 

The full list of the bonus features can be seen below: 

  • Deleted Scene - Interrogation Scene Extended (02:25)
  • Deleted Scene - Peter Day at Midtown High (05:25)
  • Deleted Scene - Undercroft Montage (01:35)
  • Deleted Scene - Happy's Very Good Lawyer (01:35)
  • Deleted Scene - The Spideys Hang Out (04:25)
  • Featurettes - Action Choreography Across the Multiverse (06:25)
  • Featurettes - A Spectacular Spider-Journey with Tom Holland (06:16)
  • Featurettes - Realities Collide, Spiders Unite (08:09)
  • Featurettes - Graduation Day (07:07)
  • Featurettes - Enter Strange (05:05)
  • Featurettes - Weaving Jon Watt's Web (07:18)
  • Featurettes - Alternate Reality Easter Eggs (04:45)
  • Featurettes - A Multiverse of Miscreants (06:33)
  • Featurettes - A Meeting of the Spiders - Heroes Panel (07:17)
  • Featurettes - The Sinister of Summit - Villains Panel (08:44)
  • Featurettes - The Daily Bugle SPIDER-MENACE STRIKES AGAIN (01:15)
  • Featurettes - The Daily Bugle SPIDER SYCOPHANT (01:41)
  • Featurettes - The Daily Bugle WEB OF LIES (01:18)
  • Featurettes - Stunt Scene Pre-Vis Apartment Fight (01:46)
  • Featurettes - Shield Fight Stunt Scene Pre-Vis (01:47)
  • Featurettes - Theatrical Marketing Materials Tom & Jacob Lie Detector (01:58)
  • Featurettes - Theatrical Marketing Materials Tom's Press Tour (01:03)
  • Featurettes - Georgia Promo Theatrical Marketing Materials (01:15)
  • Featurettes - Bloopers & Gag Reel
  • Featurettes - Extras Trailer

Spider-Man Comes Out to Play

For anyone who cannot get enough of Spider-Man: No Way Home, this bevy of special features and deleted scenes are going to be perfect. Surely there will be plenty to break down and go through minute by minute in an effort to gather every detail on the Spidey film that there possibly could be within. 

Amongst these featurettes, a couple stand out. The duo of "A Meeting of the Spiders - Heroes Panel" and "The Sinister of Summit - Villains Panel" could prove to offer some valuable information about the making of the movie. If these are what many assume they are going to be in a collection of interviews amongst the films' heroes and villains, then this will be where some tea gets spilled. 

The Spider-Man faithful have been rampantly eating up any instance of No Way Home's stars going all-in on what it was like making this movie, and these two panels feel like they could be little bite-sized versions of that. 

Another that could be interesting is "Realities Collide, Spiders Unite." This is likely the place where Jon Watts, Amy Pascal, and Kevin Feige will go into detail on how they tackled this tale of the Marvel Multiverse and what it was like for everyone to bring together three generations of Spider-Men on screen. This is sure to be something fans devour when they get their hands on it. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home and all of its plentiful special features arrive on Blu-ray sometime this March.

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