Morbius 2? Marvel Actress Teases Exciting Future In Spider-Man Universe

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Morbius has hit theaters worldwide and quickly became the butt of plenty of jokes at the film's expense. The movie continues a disappointing trend of Sony Spider-Man-adjacent films without including the webhead himself. Expect this time, Sony's efforts are not proving profitable at the box office like the past two Venom films.

This has left the Jared Leto-led flick in a hard spot. With Venom, Sony was almost forced to make a sequel, as the project made a billion dollars. At least early on, that does not look to be the case with Morbius

Sony seems to have extensive plans in its Spider-Man Universe with a Kraven and Madame Web film on the way. Also, Morbius itself starts to lay the building blocks for a Sinister Six film

So will this blood-sucking blockbuster get a sequel, or will this be the last fans see of Jared Leto's vampiric villain? Well, one of the movie's stars addressed the potential of a Morbius and what it could mean for her character. 

More Morbius for Adria Arjona

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Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Morbius.

In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterMorbius star Adria Arjona commented on the future of her character, Dr. Martine Bancroft. 

Arjona said that her character "turning" at the end of the film has her "excited to see where Martine will go" in the future, questioning "if she goes more towards good or bad:"

"And then I got the script, and when I got to that moment. I was so excited because it changes everything for her. It adds a bunch of question marks to her future, so I’m excited to see where Martine will go. Now that she has turned, I want to know if she goes more towards good or bad. Or does she have trouble finding the middle ground? What happens to her? I’m just curious. I’m as curious as the fans will be."

The actress reminisced about reading in the comics that her character became a vampire and the excitement that brought her. She recalled a phone call with her agent in which she exclaimed "Oh my god, I think she might turn in this one or in the second one,” adding to her enthusiasm for the project:

"Yes, I did. I mean, I read the comics, so I imagined there would be something. They wouldn’t send me the script at the beginning, but I did my research. I was like, 'Oh, she turns. Martine Bancroft turns.' And I just remember calling my agent to be like, 'Oh my god, I think she might turn in this one or in the second one,' which is even more exciting."

Bancroft Wants Back

For now, as the Mobius, promotion cycle roars on, it is easy to see the enthusiasm Adria Arjona had for this role of Martine Bancroft. And fans shouldn't doubt this excitement. This is a film that went through multiple reshoots, six delays, and a worldwide pandemic. It could very well be that the Morbius Arjona signed onto was not the film that ultimately hit theaters. 

It is upsetting for the actress that she may not get her wish of seeing her character evolve with her newfound vampirism. Right now, Morbius is one of the worst-reviewed comic book films in recent memory, so the dream of a sequel might be for naught. 

As it stands, it seems as though Sony will continue with its plans for an expansive Sony Spider-Man Universe, but Morbius 2 may not be a part of that.

That is not to say these characters will never be seen or heard from, but it is unlikely that they will star in their own film again. It could be interesting if they did show up down the road in the SSU if Arjona's Bancroft and Leto's Morbius were to cross paths with the likes of Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock/Venom

But for now, Morbius continues its run in theaters with the prospect of a sequel being simply a pipe dream at this point.

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