Morbius Director Reveals Post-Credits Scene Spoilers & Details

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Morbius Post Credits scene spoilers

Sony Pictures' universe of Spider-Man characters has been a divisive topic for a long time amongst fans. Many feel like the studio is consistently mishandling its characters, and that they'd be better off alongside Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU. However, Sony doesn't feel the same way. They have already released Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and a third entry is on its way: Jared Leto's Morbius.

The project is once again set to focus on a Spider-Man villain sans the Spidey aspect. This time fans will get to know Doctor Michael Morbius, who accidentally turns himself into a vampire after trying to find a cure for his blood disease.

With the Multiverse in full effect thanks to the likes of Loki and Spider-Man: No Way Home, one has to wonder: what universe does this new film take place in? Going by marketing material, it doesn't even seem like Sony knows for themselves.

Warning - The rest of this article contains MAJOR spoilers for Morbius' post-credits scene.

Now a new interview has come out and provided some answers about the post-credits scenes (that no general audiences have even seen yet) featured at the end of the movie; answers that just make everything more confusing. 

Morbius Post-Credits Description

Michael Keaton Morbius

In an interview with Cinema Blend being promoted by Sony Pictures themselves, Morbius director Daniel Espinosa answered some spoilerly questions regarding the film's post-credits sequence.

Although a full description wasn't given, apparently at some point in the post-credits scene, Michael Keaton's Vulture shows up in full costume to talk with Jared Leto's Morbius, after having been portaled into his universe from the MCU. When asked how the character got his costume, the director excused it by saying that "he is a resourceful guy:"

"If you look closely, you will see it is not quite the same suit as Homecoming. He is a resourceful guy."

Cinema Blend then asked if Vulture is setting up for a Sinister Six movie, Espinosa commented that his recruitment "sure looks like a start:"

"Well, he is recruiting teammates and he has enticed one already. So it sure looks like a start."

The Utterly Confusing Post-Credits Answers

For those reading this, don't feel bad if none of those answers make sense—because they don't. The first question is, how would the MCU's Michael Keaton have gotten over to the Venom-verse in the first place? Doctor Strange's spell only sent people originally from alternate timelines back to where they came from; it did not send people native to the MCU out of it.

It's also unprecedented for a studio to market its films based on post-credits spoilers a week before the movie's release date. It shows that the studio has zero confidence in what they are putting out, and they hope that by giving out spoilers, it will entice more people to look towards Morbius.

The whole tactic is a rather shameful practice, and it certainly doesn't make the studio look great. It's hard not to wonder what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige thinks about the whole situation. After all, the details mentioned above are directly related to the continuity of the MCU, aka his baby.

With the extremely negative reactions the project is getting, Jared Leto's living vampire might not have a future in the first place. It's looking like Sony may never get their fantasized Sinister Six project off the ground;  if they do, most people probably wouldn't even want to watch it.

Morbius hits theaters on April 1.

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