Marvel’s Avengers: New Trailer Shows Spider-Man Joins Hulk, Hawkeye & More

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Marvel Avengers, Spider-Man, PlayStation

Crystal Dynamic's and Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers has been an interesting game to watch unfold. It's launch was nothing short of a disaster; an impressive feat given the lucrative property it's based on. Yet, somehow, the developers still swung and missed hard.

Since then, they've been working on picking up the pieces of its wreckage and playing catch up. As of launch, players have gotten new characters with Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther– along with three story expansions and a few minimal events.

November 30 of this year will bring another big update for the game. Players will finally get their first raid, re-worked progression and gear systems, learnable cosmetics, and an increased level cap.

But then, PlayStation players will get their own goodie: a new playable hero in Spider-Man. Fans have been dying for a new look at the webslinger, and the time has finally arrived.

Spider-Man Swings into Marvel's Avengers on PlayStation

Spider-Man, Marvel, MCU, Avengers

After much anticipation, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix finally released the first trailer for the upcoming release of Spider-Man, the newest playable character for Marvel's Avengers––exclusive to PlayStation players.

Marvel, MCU, Avengers, Spider-Man, PlayStation

The new footage sees Spider-Man tackle AIM baddies that players have been fighting for over a year now. Halfway through, Spidey gets some back-up––which provides a frame reminiscent of 2016's Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel, MCU, Avengers, PlayStation, Spider-Man

The full trailer can be seen below:

Avengers Gets the Spider-Man Parker Luck

When one makes an Avengers-based game, it's an inevitability that Spider-Man will make his way onto the roster. Honestly, it's impressive how it took Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix this long to pull it off––though, that seems to be their thing when it comes to Marvel's Avengers.

As exciting as Spider-Man is, the game still has plenty of shortcomings that need addressing. Their big November 30 update seems to be a true attempt to move things further in the right direction, which is sorely needed after having destroyed trust amongst fans with the whole pay-to-win debacle.

It feels like the game has been trying to make up to its player base ever since the day the game hit stores worldwide. Hopefully, one day, it won't feel like that, and players can finally focus on enjoying the game instead of focusing on everything that needs to be fixed.

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