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Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff, Morbius, Delayed Again To 2022

Morbius, Jared Leto
By Richard Nebens

Even almost a year after the worldwide pandemic began, the movie industry is still feeling the after effects on a regular basis. Delays continue to come for theatrical releases from nearly every major studio, and there doesn’t appear to be a light yet for when movie theaters will open their doors once more.

As Disney and Marvel work to begin Phase 4 with the streaming release of WandaVision , theatrical releases like Black Widow and Eternals are still up in the air for the time being. This is also the case with another home for Marvel, which just announced another delay for one of its own blockbusters.


Earlier this January , Sony delayed Morbius from a March 8, 2021 release to an October 8, 2021 debut.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit took to Twitter to report that Sony Pictures has delayed the release of Morbius once again. Instead of releasing on its October 2021 spot, it will now come to theaters on January 21, 2022.


On its core level, this comes as another disappointment for superhero movie fans who have been dying for new releases for nearly a year. However, this also has the potential to affect other movies to which Morbius may connect with.

Should Morbius end up being connected to the MCU's Spider-Man franchise as some expect, this delay may mean that some of the MCU's upcoming movies in Phase 4 will release later than currently expected. Depending on how intertwined this movie is with the untitled Spider-Man 3 , and subsequently Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , the two movies set squarely within the MCU could be in jeopardy of moving to releases later into 2022.

However, if Morbius' biggest connection to the MCU is a mere Easter egg or two, then fans should be more confident that Spider-Man 3 will stick to its December 2021 release.