Somewhere Quiet Movie Ending Explained - The True Meaning of the Film

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Somewhere Quiet ending

Somewhere Quiet's ending presents more questions than answers as fans are left scratching their heads. 

Directed by Olivia West Lloyd, Somewhere Quiet tells the story of Meg (Jennifer Kim) as she recovers from a brutal kidnapping. 

Meg, alongside her husband Scott (Kentucker Audley), heads to an isolated compound in Cape Cod to recover from her traumatic past, but things take a turn for the worse when they realize that they are not alone. 

Somewhere Quiet made its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival on June 8, 2023, and it premiered in US theaters on February 2. The movie is now available to stream on Hulu

What Happened to Meg in Somewhere Quiet?

Jennifer Kim as Meg in Somewhere Quiet
Jennifer Kim

After being a victim of kidnapping, Meg's supposed road to recovery in an isolated rest house with her husband turns into a nightmare after an unexpected guest's arrival, a mysterious old woman lurking, and a string of hallucinations. 

Something Quiet is a movie about isolation, betrayal, and dealing with past trauma as Meg struggles to differentiate what is real and fake as she tries to get a sense of everything around her. 

In the film, Meg and Scott's vacation is quickly disrupted by the arrival of Madelin (Marin Ireland), Scott's cousin, who is insensitive about Meg's past traumatic experience. 

Adding insult to injury is Madelin's flirtatious advances toward Scott that make Meg (and the viewers) wonder if she is really his cousin or if everything is a ruse. 

Aside from Madelin, Meg also has to deal with a ghost of an old woman that she keeps seeing and she almost get taken advantage of by a stranger that she met at the beach. 

Meg's struggles ultimately led to her not trusting anyone, including Scott. She wants to find out who is behind her kidnapping and doing so fractured her marriage and her sense of self. 

Somewhere Quiet's Ending: Did Meg Escape?

Jennifer Kim as Meg in Somewhere Quiet
Jennifer Kim

Meg's uncomfortable situation is further amplified by Madelin's crazy antics and Scott's continued denial about her discomfort. 

A huge chunk of the movie sees Madelin and Scott laughing around and having a good time, making it feel like Meg is an outsider instead of the wife. 

The fact that Madelin and Scott are mostly comfortable rather than understanding Meg's anxiety makes it appear that they either have something to do with her abduction or they just do not care at all. 

Meg takes matters into her own hands by riding a dirt bike to try to get home, but she accidentally kills Madelin's dog in the process. 

This harrowing accident ultimately leads to a tense confrontation between Meg, Madelin, and Scott which lays all the chips on the table. 

It is revealed that Scott had a copy of a video that has the ransom note for Meg, but he was not able to watch it on time since he was in the cabin visiting Madelin. He also pointed out that he already grieved for Meg since he made peace that the police couldn't find her anymore.

While Meg is pissed with the revelation, Scott's aggression takes over as he tried to end Meg's life by pointing a shotgun at her and eventually choking her. 

Despite that, Meg escapes and it appears that she may have killed Scott in the process, finally leading to her escape. 

Somewhere Quiet ends with Meg taking a car from a stranger and driving home, but she soon realizes that she has nowhere to go due to the mess she made. 

The harrowing final shot of Meg all alone as police sirens loom in the background perfectly captures the protagonist being weighed down by the drastic choices anchored by her paranoia. 

Somewhere Quiet is available to stream on Hulu.

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