Sistas Season 7 Episode 12 Gets Frustrating Release Date Update (Official)

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Tyler Perry's Sistas

Fans got some frustrating news regarding the release plan for Sistas Season 7, Episode 12. 

The BET dramedy rounded out the first half of its seventh season in early March, with the promise of more coming in the next couple of months. 

Following the group of women as they bond over the throws of everyday life, the series left a few big threads hanging in Season 7A. This has audiences wondering who the father of Karen's baby is, how Ms. Willis ended up in bed with Hayden, and just what kind of threat Gary poses to the rest of the cast. 

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BET Moves Sistas Season 7 Episode 12 Release Date

Sistas Season 7

Mere weeks after announcing its release date, Sistas Season 7 Part 2 (aka 7B) has been slightly delayed. 

A new promo for Sistas Season 7, Episode 12 shared by @luv4_zatima on X (formerly Twitter) revealed the hit BET drama - to the frustration of many - will now be released on May 29.

This will be frustrating to some who were eagerly waiting for the series' return, as Season 7B was originally listed with a May 22 release date. 

Previous reporting from TV Line and a trailer that aired on BET included that May 22 date; however, this most recent update seems to indicate it has been pushed for some reason. 

The reason behind this slight delay remains unknown, but surely this will mark a disappointing beat for passionate Sistas fans.

Season 7 is expected to have 22 episodes when everything is said and done, with its second half including another 11 total episodes. 

If the show continues its weekly releases (as it has for the rest of Season 7), that would mean Season 7 Part 2 will run from May 29 to August 7. 

Here is the updated expected release schedule for Sistas Season 7B, presuming no production delays or issues:

  • Episode 12: Wednesday, May 29
  • Episode 13: Wednesday, June 5
  • Episode 14: Wednesday, June 12
  • Episode 15: Wednesday, June 19
  • Episode 16: Wednesday, June 26
  • Episode 17: Wednesday, July 3
  • Episode 18: Wednesday, July 10
  • Episode 19: Wednesday, July 17
  • Episode 20: Wednesday, July 24
  • Episode 21: Wednesday, July 31
  • Episode 22: Wednesday, August 7

Why Was Sistas Season 7 Part 2 Delayed?

Splitting seasons into two parts is nothing new for Sistas, as every other season up to this point has featured that same Part 1 and Part 2 structure. 

However, this will mark one of the biggest gaps between the two parts the series has ever seen. 

Typically, the series has finished its first half of a season, taking a month or two off, and eventually returning.

But for Season 7, it will be a whopping 77 days before audiences feel the series' warm embrace again. 

Why exactly the Season 7B release date was pushed remains confusing. It is not as though its May 22 release date was rumored or a point of speculation thanks to multiple pieces of reporting and marketing sporting that original date. 

While seeing this slight delay will surely get the wheels of pontification turning among Sistas fans, the one-week push (while frustrating) is so insignificant that it likely is just the result of some small schedule shuffle at BET. 

Perhaps the network was looking ahead at what it will have lined up for late summer and early fall and decided to push Sistas Season 7 Part 2 a bit so as not to have any content droughts. 

Sistas Season 7 Episode 12 is set to debut on BET on May 29.

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