New Photos Show She-Hulk's 6-Foot-5 On-Set Actress Towering Over Actors

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She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany, Maliah Arrayah

As She-Hulk: Attorney at Law inches closer to its finale, one of the main topics of discussion among fans is the approach to how the Disney+ series is filming scenes of the titular heroine. Although there were initial complaints about the show's CGI, it was revealed that a significant portion of how She-Hulk is being brought to life is the use of an on-set VFX reference.

Enter Maliah Arrayah, the 6'5" actress who serves as the on-set reference for the character. The behind-the-scenes photos from She-Hulk show the actress wearing green makeup, a wig, and clothing that matched the MCU heroine during production.

Now, more images from production have revealed a closer look at Arrayah's fun time on set. 

She-Hulk Behind-the-Scenes Photos Reveals Fun Moments on Set

Maliah Arrayah, the on-set reference for She-Hulk, shared several new behind-the-scenes photos from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, showing fresh looks at fun moments while filming Episodes 6 and 7. 

The 6'5" Arrayah stands alongside Tatiana Maslany (who is 5 foot, 4 inches tall) and stunts performer Sarah Irwin in this image, clearly showing her height difference from the pair. 

Tatiana Maslany, Sarah Irwin, Maliah Arrayah

Arrayah and Maslany stand side by side, with the 6'5" actress towering over the She-Hulk lead star:

Tatiana Maslany, Maliah Arrayah

Arrayah offered high praise to the show's hair team for keeping "She-Hulk's hair intact" amid the flaming Georgia heat: 

Maliah Arrayah, Tatiana Maslany

The 6'5" actress strikes a funny pose with Abomination actor Tim Roth while on break filming Episode 7. 

Arrayah then narrated what it was like to take a selfie with Roth in her hilarious Instagram post: 

"Tim: “take a selfie!”
Me: okay! Hahah *expecting a regular selfie picture*
Tim: put it higher
Me: okay cool 😎 
Tim: *proceeds to make these faces 👀😯😳🤨😇
With the legend himself!! Probably one of the coolest/funniest people I’ve ever met!! What an honor it was to be on set with Tim Roth!!"

Maliah Arrayah, Tim Roth

More adorable snaps of the pair can be seen below: 

Tim Roth, Maliah Arrayah

Arrayah described this moment as the time when she laughed all the time, saying that "this group of guys were all so hilarious:"

"Probably the most I laughed during production because this group of guys were all so hilarious and of course very talented and each character brilliantly played."


Why She-Hulk's On-Set Reference is Better for Actors Than CGI

It's clear that She-Hulk's reference actress is perfect for the role as her stature is close to the hero's actual height. In Marvel Comics, She-Hulk is 6'7" tall, with Maliah Arrayah's height of 6'5" coming close to the actual numbers. 

Moreover, using a reference actress is also helpful to the rest of the cast as it gives them an easier way to interact with the on-screen She-Hulk. While using a mo-cap is still the standard (Maslany was seen wearing one in the twerking behind-the-scenes footage alongside Megan Thee Stallion), it seems that Marvel Studios is finding more filming techniques as it approaches more projects in their Phase 5 slates and beyond. 

The fact that Arrayah is having a good time behind the camera is already a positive development, and it's safe to assume that the reference actress will be back for more if ever She-Hulk gets renewed for a second season.

Hopefully, Arrayah has more behind-the-scenes shenanigans to share as Daredevil's episode inches closer

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's next episode premieres on Disney+ on Thursday, October 6.

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