Secret Invasion's Finale Just Killed Off 4 Major Characters

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Disney+'s Secret Invasion finale killed another four MCU characters in its final hour.

A death toll isn’t new for the show. In its first episode, the series rid of a massive MCU character from the original The Avengers movie: Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill.

Three episodes later, by the time Episode 4 was complete, Talos joined Maria Hill in the afterlife.

Now, the season finale is here, and it has some new names for the kill list.

The Death Toll of Secret Invasion's Finale

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion.

1.) Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik

Gravik, Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Gravik did not make it past his debut project—a circumstance that is always disappointing when it happens.

While the angry alien thought he had Nick Fury dead to rights, he ended up being Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in disguise. Turns out she’s quite the adept fighter, and after a brief super-powered tussle, Talos’ daughter ended Gravik’s life.

2.) Nisha Aaliya's Raava

Ravaa, Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Another fatality of the show was Nisha Aaliyah’s Raava, also known as the fake Colonel James Rhodes.

Her final moments were spent trying to convince the President of the United States that she wasn’t a Skrull. Nick Fury made sure to prove his point by sending a bullet into Raava’s skull.

By the end of Secret Invasion, audiences still don’t know exactly how long the Skrulls were keeping the real War Machine hostage.

3.) Christopher McDonald's Chris Stearns

Secret Invasion

Chris Stearns, played by Christopher McDonald, almost made it out of the show unharmed. However, in the series’ final moments, the FXN reporter and Skrull council member was gunned down by a group of hateful vigilantes.

They ended up killing the Skrull version of him, meaning that, theoretically, the real Stearns is alive and well.

4.) Anna Madeley's UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton

Secret Invasion

Another Skrull council member gunned down in the final minutes of the show was Anna Madeley’s UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton. 

For her, it wasn’t her Skrull imposter that took the bullet, but instead the real person.

How Will Secret Invasion Deaths Impact the MCU's Future?

It's difficult to see how these particular Secret Invasion deaths will affect the future of the MCU all too much.

By the time Gravik died, he already seemed to be fairly distanced from all the other Skrulls (many of whom lay dead in their old safe haven). Because of that, not too much will be influenced by his loss.

Getting the real War Machine back is obviously a big deal, but when it comes to Raava specifically, it feels like she’s destined to fade away into obscurity.

This could be different if the Skrull conflict were to be developed further. Still, fans have heard nothing about its sequel, Armor Wars, being notably focused on the shape-shifting species or the new sentiment against them.

Instead, it’ll focus more on Stark tech getting into the wrong hands—Skrulls could easily fit into the plot, but they have not been part of the conversation publicly yet.

Realistically, though, it would be pretty devastating for the U.K. to casually lose its Prime Minister like that. But for it to matter to anything, the MCU would need a story focused more on the United Kingdom.

So, Marvel Studios, when’s that Captain Britain story coming?

Secret Invasion is streaming now on Disney+.

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