Will Saw 11 Happen? Franchise Director Responds (Exclusive)

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With Saw X hitting theaters worldwide, it begs one notable question: will there be a Saw 11?

One of the quirks about big horror franchises is how they keep going. Friday the 13th has 12 movies, Nightmare on Elm Street is at 9, Chucky has 8 and three seasons of a show, and Scream comes in with 7—and that’s only a few examples.

Reaching the tenth installment is a huge milestone, but can Saw keep the momentum going? After all, both Jigsaw and Spiral didn't do as well as Lionsgate was hoping at the box office, and many were surprised that another sequel happened so quickly.

Those who have seen Saw X will know that John Kramer’s story is certainly asking for more. But what does the director think about the possibility of Saw XI?

Will Lionsgate Release Saw 11?

Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw in Saw X

While speaking in an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Saw X director Kevin Greutert commented on the possibility of Saw 11 becoming a reality.

When asked if he was confident fans will be seeing another sequel, Greutert stated that "if this film makes a lot of money," then Lionsgate is "not gonna leave money on the table:"

“Well, you know, I know the people involved well, and they're ordinary humans. And if this film makes a lot of money, they're not gonna leave money on the table if there are future directions to go."

The filmmaker then circled back to a comment from The Direct about how this tenth film managed to be the least conclusive of the franchise, leaving many dangling plot threads for future stories to pick up.

Greutert noted how "[he's] hoping that the audience does want to know what happens [these characters next]:"

"I mean, when you say, though, that this film leaves open threads, it doesn't necessarily answer a lot of questions that are cliffhangers for the other episodes. But for this one, some characters live and we don't necessarily see what happens to them after that. I'm hoping that the audience does want to know what happens to them after that and that we someday can make another 'Saw' that does answer it because I love these characters.”

The Possibilities for Saw 11 Are Endless

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Saw X.

If Lionsgate wanted to do a Saw 11, there’s plenty for it to pull from.

For one, there are the loose ends that Saw X leaves audiences with.

Cecilia survived her trap, so what’s her next step? Will she seek revenge against John Kramer, tangling herself deeper into his twisted games?

Diego is also alive, so will he play into any future stories? Then, there’s young Carlos—who knows how he might factor into Jigsaw’s legacy.

Looking outside of Saw X, the franchise has several plot points sequels could pick up on. Logan from Jigsaw, one of John Kramer’s first accomplices, is still active and at large in the story’s present day.

Audiences are also surely still wondering what will happen with Spiral's Chris Rock’s Zeke and Max Minghella’s William Schenk—both of which were left on dire notes, one having just watched his father slaughtered by the police and the other potentially evading capture somehow.

Needless to say, there are plenty of stories that Lionsgate could tell in the Saw world. Perhaps a television series could be the next step.

Saw X is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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