Russell Crowe Shares Exciting Update on His Marvel Future

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After a memorable stint in Thor: Love and Thunder, Russell Crowe recently teased his Marvel future.

Crowe portrayed Zeus in the Chris Hemsworth-led MCU flick, the King of the Olympians and the leader of Omnipotence City. Although Thor seemingly killed Zeus with his own lightning bolt, Love and Thunder's post-credits scene confirmed that he is still alive and ready to seek revenge.

Aside from his MCU role, Crowe is also confirmed to star in Sony Pictures' Kraven the Hunter in an unknown role. 

Russell Crowe Teases Kraven Role & Marvel Future

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Speaking with Josh Horowitz on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Russell Crowe was asked about his experience working on 2023's Kraven the Hunter movie. 

When asked about his time with Kraven the Hunter director JC Chandor, Crowe admitted that he had a great experience with the filmmaker, noting that "they're mates" on and off the set: 

“Yeah, I mean, I got on with JC very, very well. And we sort of like dined together a few times offset, and everything, and I’m pretty easy to say we’re mates."

Crowe also confirmed that he is playing a "Russian" in the movie, pointing out that it was a challenge to portray: 

"So, I really enjoyed working on that for him playing a Russian. That was a challenge. I did it once. I did a Russian accent once on Saturday Night Live, and it’s probably the worst Russian accent ever done on television, because I didn’t really think about it that much. I just jumped off the cliff."

Crowe then claimed that his role in Kraven is "significant" to the main characters: 

"But yeah, I don’t really know what to expect in that movie. Mine is not a hugely significant role in that film, I wouldn’t think. A significant role in the background of the main characters, but not necessarily in the feature film.”

Plot details of Kraven the Hunter are still being kept under wraps, but the veteran actor did tease that it will be "unexpectedly dark."

Meanwhile, when asked by Horowitz if he is hopeful about an MCU comeback, Crowe noted that Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credits scene implied that fans will see more of Zeus and Hercules: 

“Well, nobody’s brought anything up with me, but, I mean, it seems like that’s the idea at the end of the last one, right? But, I don’t really know."

The actor also offered high praise to Thor 4 director Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth: 

"Yeah, look… if you’re a young actor and you get the opportunity to be on a set with Taika Waititi, take it. It’s a lot of fun, he’s a creative genius, but he’s also just a lovely bloke, and I also… I didn’t know Chris Hemsworth very well at all yeah before working with him and I was really pleasantly surprised at what a good actor he is. And he’s got great comedy chops, man. He’s just funny. And he’s a really warm welcoming fella, so we just went to town with that. I mean, what you see when you’re at the movie theater is this big, sumptuous, amazing set, but in reality, it’s just me, and Chris, and a couple of cardboard boxes covered in blue sh*t, you know?”

Who Is Russell Crowe's Kraven the Hunter Character?

Given that it was rumored that Russell Crowe could be portraying Kraven's father in Sony's upcoming Marvel movie, the actor's latest comments may have confirmed that tidbit, especially after him saying that his role is significant "in the background of the main characters." 

In Marvel Comics, Kraven is a son of an aristocrat who fled to the United States after the Russian nobility was destroyed by the February Revolution. 

While the comics didn't put much focus on Kraven's father, it's possible that the film will likely involve him in its overall story. 

Meanwhile, Crowe's comment about an expected MCU return is a no-brainer since Zeus' survival meant that another appearance for the Omnipotence leader is in the cards, especially after what Thor did to him. 

That said, it's possible that a future clash involving Thor and Hercules with Zeus by his side could be explored in a potential Thor 5

Kraven the Hunter is set to premiere in theaters on October 6.

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