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Netflix's Reptile is the streaming service's new murder mystery movie that unpacks a thrilling case involving a brutal killing, and it highlights a stacked cast.

Directed by Grant Singer, Reptile explores the story of Detective Tom Nichols as he gets entangled in the investigation of a brutal murder case. 

Attempting to unmask the truth behind the killing, Nichols ultimately goes on a self-discovery journey while also uncovering unexpected revelations. 

The crime thriller made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7. It was also released in select theaters in the United States on September 22 before it began streaming on Netflix on September 29.

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's Reptile

Benicio del Toro - Tom Nichols

Benicio del Toro as Tom Nichols

Working as a police detective under the Scarborough homicide division, Tom Nichols is assigned to the investigation of the murder of Summer Elswick. Veteran actor Benicio del Toro portrayed the character. 

Speaking with Netflix, del Toro described his character in Reptile as "a man of destiny," noting that, despite everything, "he remains true to himself:"

“He’s a man of destiny. He’s a man who gets a second chance, but then something happens and a reckoning occurs. Through everything, he remains true to himself.” 

While slowly uncovering the truth behind the murder, Nichols also finds himself discovering new and surprising things about his inner self. 

Aside from playing one of his most recognizable roles in the MCU as The Collector, del Toro is best known for his performances in The Usual Suspects, Traffic, Sin City, and Sicario

Justin Timberlake - Will Grady

Justin Timberlake as Will Grady

As the head of his family's real estate empire, Justin Timberlake's Will Frady appears to have it all. However, Will's world came crashing down when his girlfriend, Summer, was brutally killed by an unknown murderer. 

Although he appears to be cooperating with the investigation, Nichols and his peers think that he might be a suspect. 

In an interview with Netflix, Timberlake admitted that he liked portraying Will due to his "unpredictability:"

“There’s so much that’s out of control for Will, and I liked the idea of playing a character that has to constantly react to the unpredictability of what’s thrown in his direction.”

Formerly a member of the boy band NSYNC, Timberlake has had an impressive list of acting credits including the likes of The Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time, and Friends with Benefits.

Alicia Silverstone - Judy Nichols

Alicia Silverstone as Judy

Alicia Silverstone reunites with Benicio del Toro after appearing together in Excess Baggage

In Reptile, Silverstone portrays Judy, Tom Nichols' wife who usually helps him with the investigation of any case he's assigned to.

While speaking with Netflix, the actress reflected on Judy's "feisty" personality and her strong bond with her husband: 

“I love that she’s kind of feisty, and he really respects her like a partner — in life, but also in his professional life because he relies on her insights to help uncover the mystery. He trusts her, and in this story, there are a lot of people he’s not sure he can trust.” 

del Toro also added that Judy is also "kind of like Nichols' home coach:"

“She’s like a partner. She knows how to hold a gun. She knows about cases. She’s kind of like Nichols’ home coach. And Alicia brought everything we wanted for the character and more.”

Perhaps best known for her role as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, Silverstone previously appeared in Batman & Robin, Book Club, The Crush, and Blast from the Past

Michael Carmen Pitt - Eli Phillips

Michael Carmen Pitt as Eli Phillips

As one of the prime suspects in Summer's murder, the odd behavior of Michael Carmen Pitt's Eli Phillips could be the main takeaway on why he is being targeted by the detectives as the one who may have done the killing. 

After his breakout performance as Henry Parker in Dawson's Creek, Pitt took on roles in Boardwalk Empire, Hannibal, The Dreamers, and Seven Psychopaths.

Ato Essandoh - Dan Cleary

Ato Essandoh as Dan Cleary

Serving as Nichols' loyal partner who helps him solve the case of Summer's murder, Ato Essandoh's Dan Cleary assists in finding potential suspects and witnesses. 

Cleary believes that Summer's best friend is the one who killed her. 

As a veteran on the small screen, Essandoh portrayed notable characters in different projects such as Altered Carbon, Chicago Med, Tales from the Loop, and The Diplomat

Domenick Lombardozzi - Detective Wally

Domenick Lombardozzi

Detective Wally is part of the team that helps Nichols and Cleary in the investigation of Summer's murder. Domenick Lombardozzi plays the character.

Although he is a supportive family friend at times, he might be hiding something sinister underneath. 

Lombardozzi previously appeared in Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Magnum P.I., Billions, and Power

Karl Glusman - Sam Gifford

Karl Gusman as Sam Gifford

Another potential suspect in the murder of Summer Elswick is her ex-husband, Sam Gifford. The character is played by Karl Glusman. 

When questioned by Nichols and Cleary, Sam acts strange while telling them that he doesn't want to talk to them about Summer's death. 

On top of his remarkable performance in 2015's Love, Glusman is also known for his roles in Nocturnal Animals, Greyhound, The Neon Demon, and The Idol.

Matilda Lutz - Summer Elswick

Matilda Lutz as Summer Elswick

Matilda Lutz plays Summer Elswick, Reptile's murder victim who was stabbed 33 and a half times and presumably raped by the suspect. Summer is Will's girlfriend and Sam's ex-wife. 

Aside from being an Italian model, Lutz is also known for her roles in Rings, Revenge, and Medici - The Magnificent.

Mike Pniewski - Chief Marty Graeber

Mike Pniweski as Marty Graeber

Chief Marty Graeber is Nichols' family friend and loyal ally from the police force who helps in the investigation of Summer's murder. He is portrayed on-screen by Mike Pniewski. 

Pniewski is known for his roles in A Perfect Day, Hightown, and Front of the Class

Thad Luckinbill - Peter

Thad Luckinbill

Working as one of the handymen in Tom Nichols' house, Thad Luckinbill's Peter develops a close bond with Judy, making Tom suspicious if they have an affair.

As an actor and producer, Luckinbill previously appeared as J.T. Hellstrom in CBS' The Young and the Restless.

Sky Ferreira - Renee

Sky Ferreira as Renee

Portraying Summer's best friend is Sky Ferreira as Renee. 

Despite being one of the suspects, Renee helps Nichols and Cleary by telling them that Summer and Sam are still seeing each other. She also lets them know that Sam is selling drugs. 

Ferreira is a singer-songwriter known for her debut album Night Time, My Time from 2013. She is also an actress known for her roles in Baby Driver, Lords of Chaos, and American Women

Owen Teague - Rudy Rakoczy

Owen Teague

In the midst of trying to solve Summer's murder, Tom discovers that there is a drug bust that appears to be a set-up of something sinister for the Grady's. 

It was implied that the police planted the drugs and framed an innocent kid named Rudy Rakoczy, a character portrayed by Owen Teague. Eli Phillips eventually revealed that Rudy worked for the Grady's, indicating that they were trying to cover something up. 

Teague is best known for playing Patrick in IT and Nolan Rayburn in Bloodline.

Frances Fisher - Camille Grady

Frances Fisher as Camile Grady

Camille Grady is Will's mother and the principal broker of Grady's Estate. The character is played by Frances Fisher. 

Reptile established that her relationship with her son, Will, is not good, and she doesn't approve of some of his antics.

Best known for playing Rose's mother Ruth in Titanic, Fisher's credits also include Resurrection, Watchmen, and The Sinner.

Eric Bogosian - Captain Robert Allen

Eric Bogosian

Acting as Nichols' mentor and Judy's uncle, Eric Bogosian's Captain Robert Allen seemingly delays his retirement to help solve the murder of Summer Elswick. 

Allen tries to keep Nichols in check during his investigation while also leading the police force through tough times.

Bogosian is a man of many talents. Aside from being an actor, he is a playwright, novelist, and historian known for his roles in Talk Radio, Cadillac Records, and Uncut Gems.

Catherine Dyer - Deena Allen

Catherine Dyer

Catherine Dyer plays Deena Allen, one of Judy's friends and Allen's wife who goes to the Bahamas for a stem cell treatment. 

Dyer is known for her roles in A Sister's Secret, The Devil to Pay, and Escape from Love.

Tom Nowicki - Medical Examiner

Tom Nowicki

Tom Nowicki plays the medical examiner who helps Nichols initially solve the crime of Summer's murder. 

Nowick is known for portraying Lincoln in 2004's Punisher, Mr. Lloyd in Never Back Down, and Coach Ed Henry in Remember the Titans.

Michael Beasley - Victor

Michael Beasly

Another member of Nichols' team that helps him solve the murder case is Michael Beasley's Victor. Aside from being assigned to investigate, he is also part of Tom and Judy's inner circle. 

Beasley is best known for his role as Uncle Calvin in Max's Rap Shit, Mr. Marksby in Swagger, and Murder in Escape at Dannemora.

Deena Beasley - Victor’s Wife

Deena Beasley

Deena Beasley portrays Victor's wife in Reptile. Victor is Tom's friend from the police force, and they usually get together with their wives during their off days. 

Beasley previously appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Fist Fight, and 90 Minutes in Heaven.

JC Capone - Paul

JC Capone

Another member of Nichols' friend group is JC Capone's Paul. Within the circle of friends, Paul is usually the one who receives the bad end of jokes. 

Aside from Reptile, Capone is also known for Punk Rock 101: The Series.

Elizabeth Houston - Jessica

Elizabeth Houston

Elizabeth Houston's Jessica is one of Will's visitors who pretends to be a client just so that she can take a picture in Summer's murder scene.  

Houston is known for her roles in Homicide Hunter, Mine 9, and Dead Silent.

Jesse C. Boyd - Dale

Jesse C. Boyd

Dale is Jessica's companion who visits Will in one of his estates, and he is played by Jesse C. Boyd.

Boyd previously appeared in Day 5, Mindhunters, and Outer Banks.

Matt Medrano - Officer Lazaro

Matt Medrano

Matt Medrano plays Officer Lazaro, a policeman who helps Nichols retrieve the drug evidence that puts Rudy Rakoczy behind bars.  

Medrano's past acting credits include Yellowstone, Tales of the Walking Dead, and Good Sam.

Reptile is now streaming on Netflix.

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