Project Hail Mary Movie: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

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Ryan Gosling has a perilous journey waiting for him when he stars in the upcoming sci-fi film, Project Hail Mary.

Project Hail Mary, based on the novel by Andy Weir, is another sci-fi adventure (similar to The Martian) that follows an astronaut in deep space.

Ryan Gosling is set to star and produce, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing, and Drew Goddard is writing the screenplay.

With many readers calling the book Weir's best work to date, Project Hail Mary is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2026.

When Will Project Hail Mary Release?

Project Hail Mary Cover
Andy Weir

It had been years since an update to the release of Project Hail Mary after Ryan Gosling signed on in March 2020.

Luckily, Deadline reported a promising update on the film's production and release date in April 2024.

Project Hail Mary is set to hit theaters on March 20, 2026 and will be distributed by Amazon MGM Studios. 

In addition, Christopher Miller shared that filming started for Project Hail Mary on June 3 in the United Kingdom. 

Plenty of post-production CGI is expected for the film, making its 22-month stretch from production start to the film's release understandable.

Who's Cast in Project Hail Mary?

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Ryan Gosling headlines the Project Hail Mary cast as Ryland Grace, the film's main character who stumbles into being the man sent to save humanity.

Deadline reported that Oscar nominee Sandra Hüller had joined Gosling in May 2024 and will likely play Eva Stratt, though details about her role remain undisclosed.

In the book Project Hail Mary, Stratt plays a key role in pulling together scientists worldwide in a last-ditch attempt to save Earth. Her strong presence has been met with wide approval from fans who saw Hüller was added to the cast.

In addition, it is now being reported that Milana Vayntrub (an actress who was a long-running spokeswoman for AT&T) has also joined Gosling and Hüller. It is currently unknown who Milana will be playing in the movie.

Plenty of other undisclosed actors have likely joined the cast, filling out the rest of of characters, including many scientists and Ryland's unlikely companion:

  • Rocky
  • Yáo Li-Jie
  • Olesya Ilyukhina
  • Dr. Lokken
  • Dimitri Komorov
  • Steve Hatch
  • Martin DuBois
  • Annie Shapiro
  • Robert Redell
  • François Leclerc

What Will Happen in Project Hail Mary?

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Warning - The following contains spoilers for the Project Hail Mary novel.

It's safe to assume that Project Hail Mary's general plot will mirror that of the novel, similar to the film adaptation of The Martian (which did make a few changes).

While it's best to go in blind to the story of Project Hail Mary, here's an idea of what happens to Ryland Grace (teacher, scientist, and astronaut).

Project Hail Mary follows Ryland, the sole survivor of a critical mission ("Project Hail Mary") to save humanity and Earth. He wakes up on a spacecraft floating through the cosmos with no memory of his identity or mission.

One of the more gripping elements of Project Hail Mary is that it's all from Ryland's perspective, so flash-back scenes are read the first time while he "remembers" them in real-time. 

This back-and-forth storytelling will hopefully be an element of the movie as it shows the audience Ryland's immediate reactions to critical moments of the past, putting the pieces together of why he's there.

Many readers will be excited to see Ryland's unexpected ally visualized for the big screen and to learn whether Project Hail Mary will ultimately be a success or failure.

Project Hail Mary blasts into theaters on March 20, 2026.

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