Peyton Reed Confirmed To Be Working on The Mandalorian Season 2

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Peyton Reed The Mandalorian Season 2 Star Wars

May the Fourth is bringing plenty of big announcements, including the reveal that Taika Waititi will be directing a new Star Wars film. But news on the Mandalorian front has been quiet until now. There have been many speculations over who will be involved in Season 2, with big names such as Jamie Lee Curtis being thrown around and Rosario Dawson expected to make her debut. But the directors are as highly anticipated as casting and rumors are buzzing around who will be taking the highly coveted spots for the new season. 


Peyton Reed, director of Ant Man and Ant Man and The Wasp, has confirmed via an image on Twitter that he is involved in The Mandalorian Season 2. 

It's unsure as of yet whether he'll be stepping into the director's chair for an episode or is involved in another way in the new season. 


Reed has been rumored to be involved in The Mandalorian for some time now but no official announcements of directors have been confirmed apart from Robert Rodriguez, Carl Weathers, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for new season. This leaves quite a few spots open for other directors to step in. 

As was revealed in the recently released Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian documentary series, executive producer Jon Favreau likes to assemble a team of directors with different visions and styles for the show. Having worked in the MCU himself, it wouldn't be a stretch for Favreau to hire more Marvel directors on the series. Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok) has already proven his success directing in season one and Reed has shown himself to be a big Star Wars fan. So it's not hard to imagine that he could be taking an episode in the new season. But it's possible that Reed could be involved in another way as all that's shown in the picture is a chair with his name, so it could be related to a producing or even acting role in Season 2. Either way, Reed is another big name coming to The Mandalorian universe, which will likely make the new season even better come its October release. 

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