Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Biehn For The Mandalorian Season 2: One's In, One's Out

By Pete Hernandez Updated:
Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Biehn Updates in The Mandalorian Season 2

Season three of The Mandalorian may already be in development, but Star Wars fans still have the impending arrival of season two on the way to Disney+ in the fall. So much speculation has already been circulating around the second season starring our new favorite duo in a galaxy far far away, and this includes the additions of some well-established actors and actresses. Though many theories will remain rumors for now, as we near the fall premiere date we'll surely get more clarity on what's in store for season two. And in a recent scoop, it seems we're getting such clarity on some potential new cast additions. 


In recent updates via Making Star Wars, Editor-in-Chief Jason Ward shared new developments regarding the reported new cast additions to The Mandalorian season two. 

In an update regarding Jamie Lee Curtis' rumored casting: 

I have a small update on Jamie Lee Curtis which I ran with extreme caution as a rumor a few weeks back. I’ve been told that Curtis was on the set, involved, but the role may have fallen through due to a movie scheduling conflict. However, I’m told she had read the scripts, had costume fittings and meetings about her look and they could even do her action figure today if they had a reason. A source I trust more than anyone said that there was talk of having Curtis emerge in season two and she would pop up in season three. There was some “secret” small crew filming and it could have taken place then for the second season. But it should be noted the role fell through at one point and I don’t know for certain she’s making an appearance or if their alternate plans are in motion. So if she does emerge in the series, it would be smaller and then larger eventually, most likely in season three. But season three hasn’t filmed yet so there’s no confirmation it went that way.

Additionally, there is clarity regarding Michael Biehn's reported casting as a mysterious bounty hunter: 

Thankfully, the scoop Michael Biehn landed a pivotal role as a bounty hunter from our hero’s past in the series has totally panned out and I’ve seen and heard more that confirms my initial scoop. I’m hearing positive things about the season’s energy.


Back when there were first rumblings regarding Jamie Lee Curtis making an appearance in the second season, speculation arose as to what role she'd be playing in the larger universe. Possibly as an ally to Mando? Could she be a Mandalorian herself, introducing another female to the forefront like The Armorer? As was relayed in the newest update, the development that Curtis' role fell through likely puts her status for season two in doubt, but her role was important enough to warrant consideration for season three. The indication that Lucasfilm still wants Curtis to appear at some point likely speaks to how valuable her rumored character will be in the larger universe.

The positive news is that Michael Biehn's reported role as a bounty hunter seems solidified for the upcoming season. The Direct theorized that season two could bring even more "reckoning" to our favorite foundling, and Biehn's debut as a bounty hunter backs up the belief that Mando could potentially have another obstacle in his way come this fall.   

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