Percy Jackson Season 2 Gets Exciting Update, And Now I'm Convinced It'll Outdo Season 1

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Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson

Season 2 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is on the way, and development updates seem to show that it will surpass Season 1 in quality — quite a feat, given how well-received Season 1 was.

With only one season under its belt, Percy Jackson and the Olympians was reported as the most-watched show on Disney+ in the first half of 2024.

The show brought the story of Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief to the screen in a far more book-accurate way than the movie before it did, and fans certainly loved it.

Now, with Season 2 announced, fans are looking forward to seeing The Sea of Monsters adapted in the same way.

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Percy Jackson Season 2 to Improve on Season 1

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Even with the success of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1, Percy Jackson book series writer and show co-producer Rick Riordan hopes to improve upon it for Season 2.

In a recent update on his website, Riordan discussed how he sees the PJO creative team's "job is to build" on what was started in Season 1. He explained how he is "a perfectionist" and feels they "can always do better" in the new season.

Luckily, Riordan said that they are "off to a good start" as work continues for Season 2:

"Our job is to build on the solid foundation of season one. I’m a perfectionist. I believe that we can always do better. I think we’re off to a good start with this new season as we recreate 'The Sea of Monsters.'"

Percy Jackson Season 2 Progress Report

The update goes through different parts of the Season 2 pre-production process piece by piece, giving a sort of progress report to fans.

Riordan started with the scripts, explaining that "last year," he wrote up "an eight-episode outline" for the writers. This outline specifies specifically "what each episode will cover" from The Sea of Monsters.

He said that half of the full-episode scripts are complete, with the other half still still being written based on the outline. Riordan reported that he is "pleased with the results so far:"

"We are working from an eight-episode outline that I created last year, detailing what each episode will cover from the book. From there, the writers’ room has drawn up a more detailed outline of each episode (with my input). I have read all those outlines and they’re in really good shape. The next step is writing the actual scripts. Half of those are done and the rest are in progress. I am pleased with the results so far."

With the beginnings of set design underway, Riordan said he is "constantly amazed" by the artists who help his novel come "to life" in the "sets and creature artwork:"

"Our team has begun designing sets and creature artwork. Everything I have seen so far looks incredible. I am constantly amazed how our designers can find new ways to bring these scenes to life. If you’ve read the book 'Sea of Monsters,' you already know some of the treats that await you, but I won’t spoil the surprises."

Finally, he discussed casting. Riordan expressed again a sentiment he has made very clear in previous updates: They are looking for experienced, professional actors to fill the new roles — presumably including the likes of Tyson, Silena Beauregard, and Thalia Grace.

Riordan said, as he has before, that there are "no plans for open casting calls for any roles" as far as he knows.

He explained that those who were cast for Season 1 "worked incredibly hard for years" and "won the roles by competing against hundreds, even thousands" of individuals just like them:

"Our core team of actors is so excited to get back to filming, and so are we!  Regarding new castings, as I’ve mentioned before, that is all handled by our casting director. I don’t get involved until they start sending the producers audition tapes to look at. I know of no plans for open casting calls for any roles, so I would not expect any announcements from me about how to submit for this role or that role.  I can only tell you that all the actors who have made it onto our show got the job because they’ve worked incredibly hard for years learning how to act, committing themselves to their careers with no guarantees of success and many sacrifices, accumulating auditions and rejections, and getting better at their craft. They won the roles by competing against hundreds, even thousands of other actors who have done the exact same hard work. Even the youngest ones are pros, and it shows in their tapes."

Riordan's advice for hopefuls is to work hard and build a resume. He continued, saying that getting "a reputable agent" can be "a huge step:"

"Best advice if you want to act: Do what they did. Commit yourself to it. Start small and work your way up. Do auditions as much as you can. Learn how the system works. Eventually, try to get a reputable agent. That is a huge step that tells the industry: 'Someone in the business believes I have the talent.' It’s similar in publishing. Getting a deal for a book is very difficult without a literary agent who has pre-screened your work and agreed to represent you. Most publishing houses won’t even consider un-agented manuscripts."

Ultimately, though, Riordan said that conversations about casting "have only just begun," and promised fans that he would update when there is more to update on:

"At any rate, we have only just begun our casting conversations for season two. When I know more about which actors have been chosen for what parts, I will let you know, but that is still quite a ways away."

Will Percy Jackson Season 2 Be Better Than Season 1?

Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians proved how well The Lightning Thief could be adapted, and with the same team helming Season 2, The Sea of Monsters seems to be getting the same treatment.

Several iconic moments are sure to come to the screen for the first time, including Circe's Island (and Percy's brief time as a guinea pig alongside Blackbeard the Pirate — yes, you read that right) and the iconic siren scene.

Not only are fans excited for these story pieces, but the cast is too. In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Walker Scobell (Percy Jackson) even pointed out the siren scene as one he is particularly looking forward to himself.

From an external perspective, it is honestly too soon to say if Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2 will be better than Season 1. But, especially following these new updates, it seems fair to say that Season 2 has the capacity to surpass Season 1 when it eventually releases.

Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is available to stream on Disney+.

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